Light Control

by Blender Control in Addons

List of Features

    Placement Tools
  • Orbit  - Rotate Light around a Pivot
  • Distance - Change Light Distance to the Pivot
  • Grab - Snap Light and Pivot to a Surface, or move along Camera Plane
  • Focus - Set Light towards Reflection/Normal of Surface
   Light Parameter Tools
  • Brightness - Change Light Brighness
  • Size - Change Light Size on X and Y
  • Angle - Change Light Angle
  • Color - Change Light Color in Blackbody or all Colors

    Light Managing Tools
  • Next/Previous Light - Swap to next or previous Light
  • New Light - Create a new Light via Pie Menu
  • Delete Light - Delete current Light

    and a lot of little time savers and customization options...

What you need to know

Light Control is available for Blender 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0.

Known Issues

  • Placing Lights (when creating them or using "Focus" or "Move") on an Instanced Object will ignore the Instance. (can be fixed through "Realizing" the Instance).
  • The Light Control UI shows up in mutiple viewports, not only in the active one. (I am working on a fix for that)

You find any Bugs or Issues? Let me know and I will fix them asap :)

Special Thanks

to Jill, Niklas, Jo, Marc, Per and Julian for helping me out creating this addon and improving it drastically. <3

Models used:

Sculpture “Bust of Róża Loewenfeld”by Virtual Museums of Małopolska : Sketchfab Link to Model & Museum Page
Vintage Camera Exakta VX 1954 by Dolgov : Sketchfab Link to Model
Datsun 1972 240k GT by Karol Miklas : Sketchfab Link to Model
Fiat Punto 1995 GT by Karol MiklasSketchfab Link to Model
Time Machine by vertexmonster : Sketchfab Link to Model
Sony FX 300 by Silvia_ : Sketchfab Link to Model
stag by VIMUNE : Sketchfab Link to Model
Polybios by : Sketchfab Link to Model




Added compatibility for Mac

Added "Gizmo Opacity" Slider to preferences

Added "UI Scale" Slider to Preferences

Added alpha to dotted line



Added compatibility for Blender 4.0 Alpha



Initial release