Landscape Elements: Rocks

by John W. in Models

Landscape Elements: Rocks

Thank you for visiting Landscape Elements: Rocks!!! This little project is an active, ongoing collection of (currently 6) small rocks designated for your nature, architectural, or still-life scenes. These rocks are well-suited for any scene that can be complimented with a touch of rugged aesthetic to break up the perfection of "soft" elements.

The Rocks – Diamonds in the Rough Garden

All rocks are derived from photogrammetry, ensuring visible natural rock patterns and natural mesh-texture interaction. All rock textures are baked at 4K resolution and include a multi-resolution modifer for additional detail. 

  • N-gon Free
  • Low-Poly
  • Multiresolution

The Materials – Your Key to the Kingdom

One Uber Node – Every individual rock features a photorealism based “uber node” with versatile abilities ranging from the saturation of the rock, adding moss, to a snowfall pattern. (Yes, snow is featured.)  Crucial to the functionality of all these different options is an on/off switch. Each element of the rock (dirt, moss, snow) is controlled by a simple switch. There is much to be discovered, included in the .blend file is a text document with straightforward explanations of each node option. A few adjustments to the sliders is usually all it takes to complete change the look of your rock!


  • Decrease the rock color contrast to dev-look your overlays
  • Add dust
  • Add a water overlay to the rock
  • Control normal map detail
  • Add dirt
  • Add moss
  • Moisten the moss
  • Add snow
  • Control over the fluff of the snow
  • Snowfall direction
  • Snow thicc? You decide.

The End User – You’re a Diamond too :)

Included in the .blend file

  • 6 small rocks (igneous & metamorphic if you’re curious)
  • Demonstrational HDR and sun-lamp for look development
  • Unique, versatile PBR shader nodes for each rock
  • User Interface Setup
  • Text document reviewing each option of the PBR nodes and default value table

Thank you again for visiting my product page. Additional rocks and even new features will be progressively added to the collection. If you're looking to add versatile rocks to your arsenal and scenes, consider purchasing at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,

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Published about 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.79, 2.8, 2.81, 2.82
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Royalty Free
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