Jojuice Composite Nodes Addon - (5 Post Processing Effects)

by JoJuice in Addons


  • How to install and use the addon.
  • How to use the nodes.


To install the addon you must download and unzip the file from your purchase.

After that in you project, hit edit, then preferences and go to addons.

Once here, hit install, and choose the JoJuice Composite Nodes and install.

If it doesn't pop up, search it in the search bar, it should look like this.

Enable it so the checkmark appears.

Now go into 3d View, and hit "N" or pull out this menu.

Now head to the JoJuice tab.

Now in file path, set the path to the JoJuice Composite Nodes.blend file in you unzipped files.

Then hit the button, "Add Composite Nodes".

They are now in your project.

How to use the nodes:

Head over to your compositing tab at the top of your project.

Now enable nodes if you already havent.

Now you can hit Add or do Shift A and under group nodes choose which ever node effect you want to use. For example here is the retroid node.

The steps from here require the folder named Textures to make the nodes work, all named accordingly. Heres how you add them.

Add a image node.

Now hit open and choose, the relative texture, for me being the retroid texture.

Steps apply to all nodes with relative textures.

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