Jewelry Creation With Blender

by Yojigraphics in Training

Source files are included in .zip files with the same name of the videos.

Training program

Chapter 1 – Jewelcraft Addon

1.1-Installation, presentation and configuration
1.2-Unit management and update
1.3-Simple ring creation
1.4-Adding details with bevel tool
1.5-Adding details with extrude tool
1.6-Add gems - Shapes and materials overview
1.7-Add gems - Simple Curve distribution
1.8-Add gems - Custom Curve distribution
1.9-Add gems - Distribution in staggered rows
1.10-Add gems - Progressive size distribution
1.11-Cutting and setting tools- prong setting
1.12-Cutting and setting tools- cutters
1.13-Cutting and setting tools- fishtail setting
1.14-Object menu tools
1.15-Metal weighting and design report

Chapter 2 – Blender’s native tools

2.1-Mesh Modelling – Pendant Design from an image
2.2-Mesh Modellingbezel setting
2.3-Mesh Modellingfacetting with poke tool
2.4-Mesh Modellingproportional editing
2.5-Curve Modelling – 2d Pendants
2.6-Curve Modelling – 3d decorations
2.7-Text Modellingengraving and embossing
2.8-Booleans operations
2.9-Modifiers examples – Curve and array
2.10-Modifiers examples – Facetting with decimate
2.11-Modifiers examples – Screw for spirals
2.12-Introduction to sculpt mode

Chapter 3 Use of a library of objects

3.1-Asset browser’s introduction
3.2-Jewel library- Configuration
3.3-Jewel library- Objects
3.4-Jewel library- Materials and lightings
3.5-Add your own assets to the library

Chapter 4 – Production of images and videos

4.1-Studio creation
4.2-Material settings
4.3-Camera settings
4.4-Animation 360°
4.5-Compositing effects

Chapter 5 – Files preparation for 3D printing

5.1- Model Preparation
5.2-Boolean operations, remesh and decimate
5.3-Export and verification with the slicer

Chapter 6 – Full projects modelling examples

6.1-Ring Modelling 1
6.2-Ring Modelling 2
6.3-Ring Modelling 3
6.4-Pendant Modelling

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Published 8 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
License GPL
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