Jewelry Creation With Blender

by Yojigraphics in Training

In this training we will discover the process of creating Jewelry with Blender. We will take as examples the creation of several designs of rings and pendants. Each of the examples will be exportable and usable by professionals in the sector.
This training will allow you to discover a complete workflow with the functionalities of Blender associated with the Jewelcraft addon for Jewelry. All the tools used in this training are open source and therefore free.
This training is divided into 6 chapters which will help you discover the tools necessary to achieve all forms of jewelry creations.
In the first chapter we will discover the jewelcraft addon and all its tools for jewelry creation. Once these notions have been acquired, we can move on to the to Blender’s specific tools in chapter two. In chapter 3 we will discover the use of an object library to optimize the creation process. Chapter 4 will be devoted to image and video production, then we will export our models for production or 3D printing in Chapter 5. In chapter 6 we will be able to use all the concepts acquired to model 3 rings and a pendant until export and image production.
As a extra in this training you will also find a complete library of objects ready to be used in the asset browser to facilitate your creation process. These objects can be used without restrictions for your projects as long as you do not share them.
Source files are included in the training to facilitate learning.
With this training you will be able to push your workflows limits and liberate your creativity for jewelry creation.
Thank you for appreciate my work and happy training!

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Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
License GPL
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