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  • flaken about 1 month ago

    Exactly what I needed! – My only with would be to see another addon that could animate imported images and image-masks the same way - thanks

    • IK3D 12 days ago

      Hello, I like the idea. Can you open a new thread right here from blendermarket and tell me more.
      Thanks very much for support I really appreciate it !

  • Claudia Edermayer 3 months ago

    Great Addon! Thanks :-)

  • Segun 8 months ago

    This add-on keeps getting better and better, and is great for giving Blender text some animation. The developer is always eager to implement improvements based on user feedback, and his response time is fantastic.

  • panz 8 months ago

    A must-have for motion graphics!

  • Carl Erik Tengesdal 9 months ago

    This addon makes Text manipulation very convenient. :) Thanks!

  • Antranig DirKrikouryan 11 months ago

    It works smoothly. very cool

    • IK3D 11 months ago

      Thanks Antranig, I really appreciate :)

  • Tibor Horvath 11 months ago

    Great text animation Tools with endless possibilities! Still minor issues here and there, but definitely on the right way.
    Can't wait to see more improvements and features!

    • IK3D 11 months ago

      Hi Tibor,
      Thank you for rating. I'm working on it, stay in touch ;)

  • Travis Kern 11 months ago

    Needs better documentation especially with the Magics and Loop tab.

    • IK3D 11 months ago

      Hello Travis, Thanks for rating
      This features are new, I will do my best to make it claire.
      Waiting, here some tutorial that may help:
      tuto 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PdmMZSmXKI&feature=iv&src_vid=7GFhrLIWmuI&annotation_id=annotation_2564870289
      Tuto 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFakfRiVVHM&t=44s

      keep in touch, another come very shortly :)

  • FlyingPanP 11 months ago

    I have to agree with David. An older version of TextFX exists at CodeofArt, excelling in every detail. This addon has many issues and development has come to a halt unfortunately... Best to wait for something better

    • IK3D 11 months ago

      Hi, sorry I made a mistake on the last update, It now fixed please consider to update, current version v0.802 .

  • David about 1 year ago

    Definitely a step up from the animation tools for text within Blender, but the changes you can make to the text after creation are minimal.

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