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How to add your own category?

in version 1.4.4 or later, each category is saved in a blend file separately. to add your own, for example, I have a cube, sphere and cylinder as profile mesh, simply save them in a collection such as "test", save the blend file named as "test" and drop it inside the addon folder. it will show up in the profile category drop down list. to make them for curve end cap object, add a suffix "_end" to the collection name and blend file name. in this case, all mesh are in collection "test_end" and save the blend file as "test_end". it will show up in the pick an end drop down list.

if you've already added your own mesh, you can duplicate the blend file and within each file, make sure the collection name is matching its blend file name. for example, I have make several new tube profile meshes with previous version, open "Handy Curve Profile.blend" in default addon folder/custom folder path, check the name of the tube profile collection name, in this case "Tube_profile". save the blend file name to "Tube_profile.blend". that will do it. repeat the renaming for any other category.

if you'd like to start from scratch, you can save an empty blend file with any name such as "my mesh_end". when you append a mesh to source, select the "my mesh_end.blend" file, append it and it is ready to be re used.

the default path for those blend files are inside the addon folder: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.6\scripts\addons\Handy Curve Profile   

you can change to a custom folder path to manage those blend files in addon preference

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