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  • Cidolphus
    7 months ago

    Fair warning. Adjustments aren't real-time, you must set the slider and then click apply to see the results. Then you keep guessing. If I'd known this I wouldn't have purchased this for $40. Its actually quicker to just adjust the graph handles yourself than to use the addon cause all it does is adjust the curve for the most part.

    Highly over priced and will be requesting a refund unfortunately.

    • Boreo

      7 months ago

      The Apply button is prominently visible in both the product images and the demo video, making it easy to spot.
      The button was initially added to optimize the addon's performance, as the real-time updates were causing it to slow down when manipulating multiple keyframes at once.
      Please take a whole minute of your precious time to inspect products before purchasing them.

  • Amr Amin
    9 months ago

    I love the addon speicially after the quick update. Thank you. And i hope it will be possible soon users can add few special prests of their own. It will be great. Thanks!

    • Boreo

      4 months ago

      Thank you for your feedback! I'm happy to inform you that the requested feature is now available in version 6.4

  • J Mahon
    10 months ago

    used it for 15 minutes, already one of the most important add-ons I have. We all know blender's graph editor is painfully unreliable but this makes reliable easing extremely easy to predict and control!

    Hoping the next update allows you to include editing the values of multiple frames, as of now it's just their tangent handles. Still super useful, but this will take it to the next level.

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