Faceit : Facial Expressions And Performance Capture

by FBra in Addons

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  • Josaphat Soekahar
    9 days ago

    For ARKit + livelink workflow, this is a must have.

    • Fynn Braren

      8 days ago

      Thanks for leaving a rating, Josaphat! 🙏

  • abra
    2 months ago

    Fyyn is awesome! He's responsive and guided me through some questions i had with my model and Faceit. I'm looking forward to learning more and playing around with this feature!

    • Fynn Braren

      about 2 months ago

      Hi Abra, thanks a lot for the rating! :)

  • Ryan
    3 months ago

    Add on is a miracle worker. But that is not the reason it gets 5 stars. The developer is very responsive to messages and helped me when I got stuck.

    • Fynn Braren

      3 months ago

      Hi Ryan, thanks for the rating! :)

  • Andreas M.
    4 months ago

    Fantastic Addon! Achieving a working face rig is really only a matter of 15 minutes, once you get used to how everything works. And I only started using Blender a few weeks ago. Fynn is also really responsive and it's simply a high quality product coming from somebody who cares about the customers! Faceit is definitely a purchase that I will not regret here on blendermarket! I actually think it is worth way more than it costs.

    • Fynn Braren

      4 months ago

      Hi Andreas, thanks for the rating! It's great to hear that you got off to such a quick start! 😊

  • Smo
    5 months ago

    Very good support, fast and very competent! Great Add-on, a must have for facial expressions!

    • Fynn Braren

      5 months ago

      Hey, thanks for the rating! I'm happy to hear that! :)

  • gabriel montagne
    5 months ago

    A wonderful addon. I use it for Audio2Face, and it works like a charm. It has lots of niceties; it feels very solid and polished.

    Fynn is also very responsive to support queries and open to suggestions and feature ideas.

    • Fynn Braren

      5 months ago

      Hi Gabriel, that sounds great! Thanks for the rating!

  • Jose Ramirez
    6 months ago

    Amazing! There you go my 5 stars rating.
    It's the best and most complete addon for this purpose.
    Easy to learn and easy to handle, besides its non-destructive workflow makes this easier if it was not already easy "per-se".
    I can animate the face of my characters easier than ever thanks to this addon, which makes Blender even more powerful.
    It worths each cent.
    Thank you very much for this awesome addon!

    • Fynn Braren

      6 months ago

      Hi Jose, thanks for taking the time to rate! I'm happy to hear that! :)

  • David
    6 months ago

    Using beta v2.3.26 works great in Blender 4.0 with Rokoko face animation.
    Spent time trying to use v2.2.31 and kept running into problems baking the shape keys however 2.3 is fantastic.

    This is really easy to rig up with a custom model and bake the shape keys in. I can just record face animation through rokoko studio, import it and link it with the 'Source Object' re-targeting in v2.3 and it just works. This is a good workflow. Thanks!

    • Fynn Braren

      6 months ago

      Hi David, thanks for the feedback! I'm happy to hear that! :)

  • Nirupam Saren
    7 months ago

    great boost in work

    • Fynn Braren

      7 months ago

      Thanks for the rating Nirupam! :)

  • cluetje
    9 months ago

    Imagine creating 52 shapekeys by hand for every character u use .... stop imagining and get this addon instead! It's a huge timesaver!
    - The out of the box expressions we get with this are pretty nice, sometimes it needs a finer touch but the addon allows u to use sculpting mode for that which is perfect. Also mirroring these sculpted adjustments is godsend.
    - I've noticed that sometimes the eyelashes dont follow the eyelids but are parented to the eyebones itself (with default settings). There's a quick fix by parenting the eyelashes to the faceit rig by automatic weights.
    - The addon has support for Face Cap txt files, which wont work for the iphone face cap app in my case, which is far from a problem becuz the addon comes with a shapekey retargeter function which works fucking perfect!
    - The documentation is also very helpful to get started!
    - I wonder how it works with Rokoko facial mocap, but my guess is that the shapekey retargeter will just handle it fine.

    • Fynn Braren

      9 months ago

      Hi there! Thanks for the rating and feedback! :) I just tested your suggestion about automatic weights and you are right, this does improve results for many models. I will add this as an option to the bind operator. Regarding Rokoko, they have their own Blender add-on which is great, so I saw no need to add a receiver in Faceit but it might convenient.

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