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Welcome to Quick Overview of Engine FXs.

A Geometry Nodes Based Engine thrust animation creation pack for Blender.




Assets Library


Once you download the Pack,

In Blender,

Go to Edit>Preferences and under File Paths you can locate your Assets Library directories.

You can either put the “Engine FXs” .blend file in one of your existing libraries or create a new one by locating the folder of the .blend file.


To access the library,

Create a new window and change it to Assets Browser,



Select the library containing the FXs pack.


And just like that you have access to the Engine FXs Presets and their building blocks.

Tails, Shape arrays etc.




To get started, just drag and drop one of the presets to the scene.

Immediately you will not see anything if you are in frame one.

Scrub the timeline to see the effect.

You can always change the starting frame and the duration of the effect from the modifier under the animation section.


Effects will work in Both Cycles and EEVEE.


To tweak the settings of the preset you can simply change these values in the modifier.

Such as Speed, Duration, Length, Color etc.


Building Blocks


All the presets you see is made using either “Tails” or “Shape Arrays”. Or both.

In a new Geometry Nodes setup,

You can drag and drop those “Tails” and “Shape arrays” to create your desired fx.


You can either use one of the basic materials, or you can create your own material and use the provided “Shader Groups” to create quick material for your effect.

Such as Fluid noise, Moving lines etc.




If you like to have an “Aura” surrounding your shape array just drag and drop shape aura node group from “custom geometry functions” to your setup.


Want your effect to always rotate towards the camera, so it won’t look flat?

Then use the “camera facing” node group.


And once you have finished creating the effect, you can use the “Engine Start Timer” group to start the animation.





Refer to the presets to see how these things are put together to get a good understanding.




Attributes play a big part in bridging the values between the “Geometry nodes editor” and the “Shader Editor”.

You can easily identify them with their maroon colour.



In some of the Presets material, you will see some attribute nodes surrounded by a maroon color frame while some of the nodes have the maroon colour on themselves.



Maroon colour frames represent the attributes you will find inside the basic tails and shape array setups.

And the maroon colour nodes are the attributes that are created specifically for that presets.

So if you are using one of the presets materials with a different fx,

Make sure to create some values for those attributes in order to make them work.


Custom shape


If you want to create a custom-shaped tail,

Create your shape, add a geometry node modifier, and then drag and drop the custom tail node group to your setup.

Connect the “Group Input geometry” to “input geometry”.


Use other geometry functions or building blocks to create your own unique shaped thrust effects.


Heat Distortions


You will have access to two heat distortion effects in the pack.

Unfortunately in Blender, we cannot create a heat distortion effect that will distort what’s behind if they have alpha blend materials.

Almost all the effects in the pack have alpha blend enabled in the settings.

So you will not see any distortions of those Fxs.

However, if you just want to distort the background these two will be handy.

But if you use these effects in Cycles you will not face any problems like that.


We are hoping to improve the heat distortions in future updates using real-time compositor.




Thanks for Purchasing the Engine FXs Pack |




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