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  • Good Snail
    almost 4 years ago

    Blender devs take heed - THIS is what we need!

    This is an AMAZING add-on! EXTREMELY powerful, makes me about 10 times faster when moving stuff around in a scene, takes all the stress out of it! It is very VERY simple to use with a few basic shortcuts and a super well thought-through workflow with zero bulk. While some improvements / additional shortcuts might be nice, this does everything it needs to and promises, and should really just be default in Blender. Blender devs if you are reading this, pay this guy a LOT of money and buy this and make this functionality default. I do not understand AT ALL how people even work efficiently without this functionality, it is really a night and day difference of how tedious or plain impossible those basic operations are in vanilla Blender, and how accessible and effortless they become with this add-on.

    For example for changing the cursor position to any visivle face´s center, e.g. to rotate another obejct around it, in Vanilla you need to select the object whose face you want to set the cursor to, go to edit mode, press 3 for face selection, select the face you want, move the cursor there, blah blah blah... exit edit mode.. fall asleep on keyboard from exhaustion, quit blender entirely...

    With this add-on it´s more like, click, click, DONE. SO sleek and powerful!

    As for aligning meshes face-to-face (also without ever going into Edit mode or any othr nasty shenanigans) - that is plain impossible in current Blender version, that´s it. No such thing as aligning to face center easily. You gotta go over hovering multiple points after enabling snapping (and messing with tis settings for five hours because now they need to be diffrent from the alst time you used it for something else..)
    With this add-on it is - you guessed it - just a few intuitive clicks. DONE!

    Do NOT be scared by the video and documentation on the site here being in Chinese, there is a decent EN documentation.

    Other tools in the add-on, such as axis align tools and random positioning etc. also work nicely, and while less useful/necessary over all, can be cool sometimes too.

    All in all, I think you can´t go wrong with this for 3 bucks, considering how much time and mental energy it will save you in your workflow. I would honestly pay 30 bucks or even more for it, since I also did not find any alternative as of yet. Nor do I need to now.

    The only critique I have is that I would advise the author finding a better name of it, making an english video on Youtube, and also making a more descriptive title picture. Almost missed this because neither the name nor the picture convey what it is whatsoever, so they do not do this super-awesome time-saving add-on any justice.


  • BA
    over 4 years ago

    Wow, thank you for the nice addon. You made something what we are missing in Blender. What I like for example is: able to duplicate an object, snapped to the face of itself or another object. And also snap the origin to a face. And there a bunch of features like that. I believe this addon should get more attention. One thing is, that the documentation on Blender market (previous tab) is in Chinese. But there is English documentation.

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