by Baraa Khaled in Addons

Introducing Clipit

Meet Clipit, your new best friend in the world of video editing! This handy tool uses Blender's sequencer (yes, Blender actually has one)  to automatically remove all those awkward silences and unnecessary pauses in your videos, leaving you with crisp, engaging content. Whether you're a content creator, vlogger, or gamer, Clipit’s got your back. It allows you to adjust padding, filter out filler words like “Umm...”, and edit multi-track videos all at once. And the best part? It doesn’t stop at cutting! You can render your masterpiece into an MP4, strip it down to just the audio, or even export the timeline into XML or OTIO format. So, whether you’re finishing up in Premiere or DaVinci Resolve, Clipit makes sure you’re never skipping a beat. It’s not just a tool; it’s your companion for a smoother, faster, and more enjoyable video editing journey.

Multi-track support

Clipit isn't limited to cutting just one video file. It can handle multiple videos across different tracks effortlessly. Imagine you're creating a tutorial; you might have a screen recording in one file and your webcam recording in another. Or perhaps you're recording a podcast with two cameras capturing two different people. No need to stress—simply add your files to the timeline, and Clipit will take care of the rest.


Padding is another nifty feature that Clipit provides. With padding, you can designate a specific amount of time to be retained after or before each speech segment. This ensures a more natural flow, making your content feel more relaxed.

Minimum Duration

Clipit allows you to define the minimum duration of silences, ensuring that any silence shorter than the specified amount remains untouched. Additionally, you can set the minimum duration of speech segments, perfect for eliminating those pesky filler words like "Ummm..." and "Ahhh..." that can detract from your audience's experience.


After you've polished your video with Clipit, exporting it is a breeze. Clipit streamlines this step with a single button for swift video export. Alternatively, you can choose to export only the audio. But if you're aiming to fine-tune your edits or add more elements and effects to your video, Clipit enables you to export the fully edited timeline as either an XML file (compatible with Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve) or as an OTIO file, a new format currently supported only by Davinci Resolve.