City Road Builder

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City Road builder is blender's most advanced road system that makes adding roads to your scene curved or straight so easy, it comes with a lot of features and more to be updated in the future with more advanced lighting system, more roads, junction maker and so man others

This Add-on comes with a lot of features and it will be updated almost every Month


  • Make Road in one click
  • Edit Road Material
  • Add Curve to road
  • Curve road with custom curve
  • Add Side Walk, Barrier, Lights
  • Make Road an Over Pass
  • and so many Others To Come

Get Started

Select the Road Type and Click "Setup Road" and a road will be created with Everything setup for you change the repeat value to make the road longer

Then Check the Walk Option to add Side walk and Barrier for road side barriers then Lights for Road Side Lights and the Over Pass Option to turn the road into an overpass

How To Curve Road

To Curve the road just select the road, go to the Panel, Road Curve and just click add curve, this add-on comes with curve presets that you can use just in case you can not make your own curve,to make own curve, First Draw it, then select the road and click follow curve with your selected curve

Edit Road Material

This plugin comes with a material Editor inside it that enables you to edit what is important, so to Edit the Road material, its so simple, just change the values and see the change on the road

you have the ability to play with the




Bump strength

Puddle sizes


Wetness and so many others in the shader editor

Create Over Pass Road

To create an over Pass just tap the overpass option and that is it, the road will be converted into an overpass easily, more types will be added in the future updates

For more information or Bug Reports, Send me a message on my Blender Market Store, Thank You

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