Urbaniac! City Asset Pack

by MassunPatricio in Models

Professional Solutions for Urban Scenes

Meet the Library

+180 Assets Ready to Use

Our library offers an extensive collection of over 180 urban-related assets, thoughtfully curated to assist you in crafting exceptional and breathtaking compositions. Each asset has been meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of quality, considering real-world measurements, and representing a wide range of styles. With us, you can save valuable time on the finer details, as we have you covered.

Click here to view a complete list of the elements included in all our libraries.

A Complete Library With Lots of Functions

The library offers not only objects but also unique and incredible functionalities. Among others, you can find complex shaders to create your own elements (such as Retroreflectors, LED Panels, Smart Metal Shader with edge detection, and more), a modular pavement and sidewalk system, various-sized garbage particles, procedural buildings, 3D pre-baked midpoly interiores, and a multitude of functions in a single package.

Asset Browser: New feature!

The new version of our add-on seamlessly integrates with Blender's official asset browser, enabling a more efficient and intuitive workflow. This new method of adding objects to your scene greatly streamlines the process of creating your cities.

Pavement and Sidewalks: A Modular System

Our new modular system for pavements and sidewalks offers a remarkable balance between flexibility and user-friendliness. It operates similarly to a "slot car racing track" where each module can be easily adjusted for attributes such as curvature, inclination, or length. Moreover, we provide options ranging from urban streets to elevated highways, ensuring a seamless experience for all your design needs.

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Diverse Buildings and Architectural Styles

Multiple buildings and structures to provide a backdrop for your scenes. Fill those vast spaces with architecturally diverse constructions, featuring an abundance of intricate details. We offer a wide variety of elements, including pre-baked 3D interiors (which you can also use separately) and 3 procedural buildings (to which you can adjust height, width, and depth).

If you are looking Geometry nodes building generator, you can be interested on: Ur! BG (Check discount coupons)

Meet the Add-on

Lights Control:

You will be able to control the lights of your entire scene from the Launcher panel. With this, all your Urbaniac! libraries, will instantly and in real-time change the intensity and quantity of the lights turned on. Control the streets lights, building lights and traffic lights from a single place. Switching between a daytime and nighttime scene has never been easier. The values can be animated to create spectacular animations.

VFX Control:

From the same scene configuration panel, you will be able to add special effects like snow, wet surfaces, and animated raindrops on all the surfaces of the "Urbaniac!" libraries, all changing simultaneously and in real-time, both in Cycles and EEVEE. The best part? You can easily add these special effects to your materials!

What do you get?

Up to +180 Urban Assets: click here to meet them

We have developed a vast array of urban assets to help you effortlessly compose your scenes with high-quality and detailed objects. This way, you can focus on the key elements of your composition, leaving the task of filling empty spaces to us. Moreover, you will have access to various systems that enhance your workflow, such as modular systems to create highways and streets. With Urbaniac!, we cater to your needs at an incredibly affordable price.

Drag and Drop Material Library

The library features a wide variety of semi-procedural materials that you can easily add to your objects by simply dragging and dropping from the asset manager. Among them, you will find materials such as: Lights linked to the UI control, retroreflectors, 12K pavements, costumizable sidewalks, LEDs screens, smart metals, weathered wood, and more.

An Ecosystem of Libraries at Your Fingertips

You can combine the different libraries of Urbaniac! and have them seamlessly work together in your scene. For example, you can control the lights of all your buildings from a single location, or add snow, water, or rain to all the surfaces of various assets from different Urbaniac! libraries. The seamless integration allows you to have complete control over your entire scene, making it easier and more efficient to create your desired environment.

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DISCLAIMER: The add-on is currently in the development phase (OPEN BETA). We reserve the right to make modifications to the features presented on this page. The images on this sale page are ilustratives and can or cannot be representatives of the final product. Your purchase and positive feedback are greatly appreciated as they help us continue developing our products. Please read the installation manual (click the "manual" button at the top of the page) for detailed instructions.

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