Urbaniac! City Asset Pack

by MassunPatricio in Models


Jule 2023 UPDATE ver 2.50 Beta_1:

- Blender Asset Browser compatible 100%
- New pavement and sidewalk system 
- Improved performances,
especially on EEVEE 
- Rework of most of the models and textures
- Rework for almost all materials (to improve performance)
- new manual 
- In
general, a MASSIVE improvement .. you can spect some bugs, please report them on our Discord ;) Have fun and happy blendering!

February 2023 UPDATE ver 2.45 Beta_1:
- Update for all:
- New VFX´s materials (now its modular, you can remove some vfx´s to gain performance)
- Improvements on "Metal" materials (easy to use, more realistic) We change the material in every model that use a metal shader.
- Improvements on sidewalk material (more realistic and fastest on eevee)
- Update for PRO´s:
- Rework of pavement system. Modular sections for streets- highways and elevated highways with new materials. Easier to use. 
- Rework on "Sidewalks 2" new material and models (L.A. inspired)
- new Fences with a classic look
- new classic trashbin (NY inspired)
- Improvements on gas station pavement
- new Classic bench (NY inspired)
- new Bridge01 model (peatonal)

October 2022 UPDATE Ver. 2.42 OPEN BETA:

– Snow VFX
– Improvements on animated raindrops VFX
– 22 new HD assets for PRO´s!
   - 7x new sidewals

   - 3x new electrics poles

   - 1x 4G antenna

   - 2x electric gabinnets

   - 1x super HD parking building (fully model interior)

   - 2x parking barrirer animated

   - 1x street light

   - 1x CCTV camera

   - 2x HD fences (for super close up renders)

   - 1x glass canopy

   - 1x aircraft warning light

– Building lights slide selector (now you can animate how many interiors are iluminating on your scene!)
– Improved garbage bags materials (They looks better and change the color randomly)
– Improved old metal shaders in various objects (they look more realistic now – WIP)
– Improved asphalt material

– Snow VFX
– Improvements on animated raindrops VFX

June 2022 Bug fixie:
Added temporal fixie for PINK materials on Mac OS (You needs to download separatelly) 

May 2022 UPDATE Ver 2.3 BETA_2:

- NEW CATEGORY! Interiors 3D
- NEW CATEGORY! Highways
- NEW CATEGORY! Materials
- Improves on UI
- Added buildings: 
Parking slot
Building06 (procedural)
  Building07 (Procedural)
Building08 (Procedural)
- Added awning03
- Added Subway entrance
- Added StreetDeck

November 2021 UPDATE Ver 2.2: 

- Complety reworked UI with native Asset manager

- Easy to use

- New elements!

 - Kitbash: Gas Station ONLY PRO

 - Kitbash: Roofs and anirconditioners  ONLY PRO

 - Assets: Barriers x6  ONLY PRO

 - Assets: Awnings x2  ONLY PRO

 - Assets: traffic cone x1  

- Improved Raindrops effects 

- Improved FPS in EEVEE

- Tweaks and little changes

March 2021 UPDATE Ver 2.15:

Bugfixed some textures "missing"

November 2020 UPDATE Ver 2.1:

- Reworked materials:

 · Sidewalks

 · Roads

 · Procedural bricks

- Added new objects!

 · Garbage container

 · Garbage can

 · Trash bag

 · 2 Buildings!


 · Fire Stairs KITBASH SET

 · 2 Electrical boxes for buildings

 - New images for tumbails

October 2020 UPDATE Ver 2.0:

- Reworked materials (easy to tweak them)

- Simple Asset Manager support -- easy append/link your elements to the scene 

- New objects!

 ·2 new utilities poles

 · Railroad crossing barrier

 · Railroad crossing sign


September UPDATE ver 1.03:

- Corrections in materials

- Adding backlights to street billboards

- Minor changes to improve performance

- Works in Blender 2.90 too!

- Reuploaded the file in the market

April UPDATE ver 1.02:

-New Assets !  

·Air conditioner external unit

·Bus Stop

·Bus Stop Sign modular

·Street Sign

·Bar exterior Chair

·BKF2000 "butterfly" chair

· Metal bench

·Telegraph post (two versions)

-Reduce pols fuse box

-Improved "Signs" materials

March UPDATE ver 1.01:

-improved raindrops effect

-improved materials for eevee

-35% reduced poly count in traffics lights

-Animated traffic lights (you can control the lights in the "basecube").


I´m working hard to make this asset pack as big as posible. There is a lots of complex materials and scripts working under the surface of the program. For all versión of URBANIAC! you will recive bug fixing support But ONLY for PRO version you will gain access to future expansions. 

I´m working on add new buildings models with more variations, increase existing kitbash. Until v2.20 the program was refined, in the future the main goal is to make it BIGGER

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