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  • JM
    10 days ago

    Neat idea and concept. But creating own assets for buildings (or anything) is a pain in the ass, because the available presets are outdated and the documentation is a joke.
    Also, the performance is incredibly terrible (there must be a way to implement this stuff more efficiently).
    I regret buying this.

    • George (Donghoon) Kim

      10 days ago

      Thank you for your valuable input, JM!

      When JM says "The available presets are outdated and the documentation is a joke," it makes sense because it should not be clear to new users there are two versions of Citigen that co-exist within the package: (1) CITIGEN-LEGACY (Slow old Python-based original version) and (2) CITIGEN-PARAMETRIC (Over-10-times-faster Geometry-Node-based version)

      In short, IF YOU ARE NEW TO CITIGEN, FORGET ABOUT USING CITIGEN-LEGACY (AND WATCHING ANY CITIGEN-TUTORIAL COVERING CITIGEN VERSIONS BEFORE BEFORE VERSION 2.1) AND STICK WITH CITIGEN-PARAMETRIC! (Citigen-Parametric is probably what JM meant when saying, "there must be a way to implement this stuff more efficiently." Citigen-Lecacy is just there for compatibility reasons for long-time users with old Citigen projects.

  • GMCustomSauces
    4 months ago

    Terrible performance on Blender 4.0. I am using a Ryzen 5 5600X, 32 GB of RAM, an RTX 4060 Ti with 8GB of VRAM, and this add-on crashes on me way too many times. I am not even trying to extend the default size of the city block.
    This add-on also lacks a proper manual to explain every function. It only has some YouTube tutorials for basic settings, and many of them are outdated.

    • George (Donghoon) Kim

      4 months ago

      Sorry about the lack of "a proper manual."
      What the current manual ( really lacks is the following warning:
      Please don't try to use the Parametric city along with the legacy city model at the same time. It will crash Blender! (at least for now.)
      If you are new to Citigen, you are advised to stick with the Parametric version, since you need your way around Citigen to use the Legacy version effectively and speedily.
      And please note that Citigen is packed with countless features and as such it's not something you can learn to use in a few hours or even days without watching all the tutorials.

  • Michael Obi
    6 months ago

    No documentation for the new version v3

    • George (Donghoon) Kim

      6 months ago

      Hi Michael,
      Please click the "Documentation" tab above
      (or go to
      for tutorials for version 3 and above.

  • DoctorMorDi
    over 1 year ago

    Nice addon! Very easy to use, and does what it claims to do. I appreciate the 2.0 update (Unreal) a lot and wish for something similar for Unity sometime in the future. I can recommend this addon 100%!

  • Lala Young
    almost 2 years ago

    Just tried it a bit and it seems to be exactly what I need. I need city backgrounds for my characters but I don't want to spend time assembling assets myself. With this addon, it's so easy to generate city blocks and randomize! It also gets other things done like trees, parks, sea (totally saves a lazy guy like me). Great for both aerial shots and close-up shots.

  • cheatcode
    over 2 years ago

  • Jake Perl
    over 2 years ago

    This add-on is a next-level demonstration of the promise of geometry nodes in Blender. They are really put to good use here in creating plausible large-scale city scenes that look great out of the box. However, where it seriously gets fun is the the ability to add your own custom buildings...with a relatively small amount of effort you can really make these cities your own. This is a monumental effort with many thoughtful details, and the author has so far proven very responsive to questions.

    I'm finding it highly addictive.

  • Odis Lewis
    over 2 years ago

    This is a great product, There is extensive "How to use" videos on this product on Youtube (Video link on product description). This a great addition if you want ease of use and less time making grand city scenes.

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