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**** ATTENTION: When updating your Citigen addon, please be sure to uninstall your previous version first!!! ****


Youtube Tutorials:
(* IF YOU ARE NEW TO CITIGEN (using Citigen 2.1 or later), DON'T USE "CITIGEN-LEGACY" VERSION NOR WATCH ITS VIDEO TUTORIALS COVERING CITIGEN VERSION 2.0 OR BEFORE, unless you need to use it for older projects' compatibility reasons.)


**** ATTENTION:  Citigen 4.0 has been released. Exporting Citigen cities using default assets to FBX and other formats has been simplified. Before choosing to export your city, just click "Prepare for Mesh Export" once and that's it! (As shown below) ****

I. Crash Start Tuts for Citigen-Parametric

II. Gif Tuts for Citigen-Legacy

1. How to control the number and length of city overpasses:

2. How to generate and control pedestrians and crowds (Citigen-Ultimate version only):

3. How to generate and control cars on roads and overpass (Citigen-Ultimate version only):

Trouble Shooting
1. How to fill gaps between road blocks (
Relevant to Citigen-Legacy):

2. How to fix some "fleeting" pedestrians on roads (when an extra-large mega city is being generated):

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