Cinemabot - Rigged Character. All Procedural Textures.

by Wilmar Niño in Models

Function of each bone

  • Cinemabot_Ctrl: Transform the entire mesh
  • Foot_IK L/R: IK control to move the legs, and rotate the foots
  • Knee L/R: Rotate the legs
  • Base: Move the entire body (except hands and foots)
  • Pelvis: Rotate (only X axis) the pelvis conection
  • Spine_Ctrl: Bend the pelvis conection
  • Hand_IK L/R: IK control to move the arms, and rotate the hands
  • Fingers and Thumbs: Move the fingers, to open and close the hand
  • Neck_base: To rotate the head in all axis.
  • Neck: Rotate the head, only X axis
  • Head: Rotate the head, only X asis (include projector target helper)

Change the projected image

You can change the projected image by replacing the "Projection" image in the "Textures" folder. To work properly, try to mach the sizes of the original, including the black margin.