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Ask any question about Blender, Python, Blenders Python module bpy or really anything else and receive context-aware responses. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Chat Companion is your personal assistant for Blender. The AI usually gives you a detailed answer including python code and step by step instructions, depending on the context and task you give it.

The addon will automatically format the answer if there is any code or step-by-step instructions in it.

Each prompt and answer are stored in a history (the history will stay in a blend-file when you save and reopen it). You can mark each history entry as a favorite, rename them, delete them and clear the whole history while preserving favorites. You can also reorder history entries and specify if you would like a history item to be included as context in your next prompt or not!

Add attachments from disk or Blenders internal text files and append them to your prompts. This enables you to ask questions about attachments, append csv-data to build your script on, save your prompts as text files, and much more!

Execute directly from the answer, no copy-pasting necessary. And since the AI is not always perfect, you can also directly ask for a fix if there is an error in the script.

You can copy the code to your clipboard, a new text file or your current cursor location in a text file in Blender.

In the Blender Text Editor, right-click on one or multiple comment lines and ask for a code completion. The generated code will automatically be inserted into the text editor.

You can right-click on a lot of settings in the Blender User Interface to ask the AI about it. This will give you more information and also a python code example.

If you encounter any problems or errors, please contact me!

The addon uses the OpenAI API, so please go to to sign up and get your API key.

In order to use GPT-4, you need to have granted access to it by OpenAI, read here for more information:

When you use the addon, you pay OpenAI (not me) for the tokens you use ( all my testing during development so far I payed $1 in total, so it is very affordable. The Addon shows you the tokens for each prompt and for the current session. At the moment the prices for ChatGPT are $0.002 / 1000 tokens and GPT-4 costs $0.03 for prompt and $0.06 for completion / 1000 tokens. 

Make sure to uninstall the current version and restart Blender before installing the new one.

Version 1.3.1 - 22. November 2023

  • Added Support for Blender 4.0

Version 1.3 - 24. August 2023

  • Attachments (txt, py, osl, csv, ...) can now be added to a prompt (from internal text file and from disk)
  • Added ChatGPT 3.5 with  a context of 16.384 tokens
  • Added GPT-4 with a context of 32.768 tokens (OpenAI has not yet given access to this model as of the release of this update)
  • History entries can be enabled/disabled to specify if entries should be context for the next prompt or not
  • Tokens for the next prompt are now displayed
  • UI improvements

Version 1.2.8 - 22. July 2023

  • Support for Blender 3.6 LTS
  • Better Error Message if your OpenAI account isn't approved for GPT-4

Version 1.2.7 - 16. May 2023

  • Streaming now works on all Blender Versions
  • Better Dependency Installation
  • Some bug fixes and minor improvments

Version 1.2.1 - 24. April 2023

  • Fixed a bug in Code Completion

Version 1.2 - 17. April 2023

  • Added Code Completion [beta]
  • Added the ability to ask for error fixes if a script from the AI throws an error
  • Added a history of all prompt/answers, ability to set favorites, rename them, delete and clear them, also they are saved with the blend file
  • If the answer includes step by step instructions, each step can be explicitly asked for with one click
  • Answers are now streamed word by word, can be changed in addon preferences
  • More places where you can right click on and ask the AI about in the Blender user interface
  • Many smaller improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.1 - 01. April 2023

  • Support for Blender Version 3.3.5 LTS, 3.4 and 3.5
  • Asking the AI about a setting with the right-click context menu gives a more detailed and precise answer
  • More descriptive API connection error display and better error handling (connection timeouts, heavy OpenAI server load, ...)
  • Ability to change the timeout of the connection to the API

Version 1.0 - 19. March 2023

  • Initial release

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