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All links you see here are also in Blender in the addon for convenience!

If you encounter any problems or errors, please contact me!

The addon uses OpenAI, Googles and Anthropics large language models and connects to them via a so called API

So in order to use it, you need to go to their respective websites and grab yourself an API key. One API key is sufficient to use the addon, you don't need API keys for all three!

  1. OpenAI API Key
  2. Google API Key (Make sure to also set up billing
  3. Anthropic API Key 

When you use the addon, you pay OpenAI (not me) for the tokens you use

For an overview, look at your usage on each site:

  1. OpenAI Usage
  2. Google Usage
  3. Anthropic Usage 

In order to use GPT-4, you need to have granted access to it by OpenAI, read here for more information:

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