Basemesh Temple: An Awesome Way Of Sculpting In Blender (Add-On+Assets)

by Mechanical Mustache in Models


Blender 2.79 / 2.80

Meshlab 2018

Older versions of Meshlab might work but the addon is only tested with Meshlab 2018

Option 1: You can uncompress the downloaded zip file to your Blender user/addons folder. Once the addon is copied there, you need to restart Blender or press `F8` to refresh the addon scripts.

Option 2: Open your Blender preferences. Then open the `Add-ons` tab. You can use `Install addon from file` in that tab to install the zip file.

Once installed you need to enable it from the `Add-ons` tab. You can just search for `basemesh` in the search bar. Then click on the checkbox and expand the addon for adding the required settings like `Meshlab 2018 folder` Once done save your preferences settings.