Algebraic Surfaces - Geometry Node Objects

by smice in Modifier Setups

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  • Robert Green
    2 months ago

    The shapes of all these node objects are so beautiful! Very nicely done. I'm very pleased with my purchase as the quality of all of these are top notch, while also giving me lots of flexibility to adjust the shapes non-destructively for animations in bigger scenes. The only shape that I was unsure about using for my animations was the heart and it turns out that one is more complex to figure out with equations per. Overall I'm a happy customer.

    • Claudio Wabner

      2 months ago

      Dear Robert, thanks so much for you Feedback, makes me happy to hear that you are satisfied 😁

  • unkerjay
    5 months ago

    I second what everyone else has said. I dabble int "abstract proceduralism" and tools like "Algebraic Surfaces" just gives me a feature rich, versatile, easy to use, playground of surfaces with which to play.

    Example - Using the Enneper Surface:

  • Ingo Wahlheim
    6 months ago

    I love the flexibility of the addon. The parameters of each object can be edited, to create countless variations. Materials can be edited, too, if you know, how. ;o)
    I can imagine the abstract items being useful for indoor- still-life or even architects, as props and decoration. The quality of the objects can be adjusted, too, for higher precision at scientific use. Questions are answered quick and detailed by the very friendly developer himself. Hopefully, he will create more of such procedural generators!

  • Garry Salisbury
    6 months ago

    The generated shapes are very useful for what I do. the geometry node layout is clean and well organized. Parameters are available to adjust the models The topology is very clean as well. The UVs are retained for mapping/shading purposes. The developer has been very responsive to my questions which is always appreciated.

    • Claudio Wabner

      2 months ago

      Dear Garry, (a bit late) thanks so much for your Feedback - glad to hear this 😁

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