Algebraic Surfaces - Geometry Node Objects

by smice in Modifier Setups

The following screenshot should explain the base structure of the maths objects.

!! Please be aware, even if i tried to make it as simple as possible, you have to know a bit about the function of Geometry nodes in Blender. On Blend Exchange you will find a "free Version" with only three object to see how it works. So please try the free Version before you decide to buy those Sets - to see if it fits for your belongs. !!

Here you see the Base Structure on the first picture. The 3 following pictures explaining the certain areas. To change the outfit of the individual object you should use only the "Parameter Area" - which is for each Object different. Some have a lot of control possibilities, some only a few.

The "Basic-Area" controls the Input Geometry, base is the Object on this Grid. (The UV, if needed, is stored in the "store named attribute" Node.)

The "Geometry Area" controls the Resolution and the extra Geometry inputs and values to controls the objects look. Some are without extra input values, some have a lot of them. One should use the parameter area to change the look.

The Main Nodes are the dark green "Group Nodes" for the XYZ Orientation. Even if possible to edit the maths nodes behind this group, it can cause unexpected results.

The last area is the "Output area", you should keep the "merge by distance" in the front, to keep the object "clean" before subdividing in the next steps. It is important to keep the "realize instance" node at the end.


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