Automated 7-Segment Display Shader For Cycles And Eevee

by Abdoubouam in Materials, Shaders, Textures

How to use?

  1. Add a plane, make sure it has a UV map.
  2. Append/link the 7-segment material from the Blender file you have downloaded
  3. Adjust the parameters.

Parameter overview:


  • Shader: It has the whole material set up.
  • Mask: Outputs a B&W mask of all the segments.
  • Emit: Outputs a B&W mask of the lit segments.


  • Emission color: This is the main color of the digits displayed
  • Background color: The color of the surface that isn't part of the segments
  • Segment color: the color of the unlit segments
  • Number to display: Set the number you want to display here. Use keyframes if you want it animated
  • Whole number places: How many whole number digits to display
  • Decimal places: How many decimal number digits to display
  • Emission Strength: The strength of the emission
  • Skew: Sets the inclination of the digit(s). A positive value inclines it to the right, a negative one inclines it to the left.
  • Surface roughness: Set the roughness (or glossiness) of the surface. Similar to the roughness of a Principled BSDF node.
  • Bump strength: Applies a bump map to the segment, to make them "carved".
  • Segment Smoothness: Makes the the segments look sharp or smooth. A value of 0 makes it perfectly sharp, while values closer to 1 makes it smoother.