What's new in Blender Market 2.0

Blender Market 2.0

As with most products, the first version is a lesson. What did we get wrong, what did we get right, and how can the team improve upon it? The Blender Market has been no different and was packed full mistakes. We've gained a lot of knowledge from that first release. 

This awareness has been funneled into the release of the new Blender Market, and I think you’re really going to enjoy it! 

Improved purchasing experience


Feel confident when making a purchase on the Blender Market. The new rating system gives you insight from others who have purchased the product and gives you the ability to submit your experiences for others to see as they decide whether or not to buy it as well. 

Communicate better through Inbox

Inbox was created to give you a centralized location for your communication with Creators, Customers, and Blender Market Admins. 

Getting support is now easier than ever. Following a purchase, visit your Inbox to create a new message to the Creator. They will get a notification of your support request and respond all within the Inbox. 

You may also receive messages from the admins about site news and emails from creators about product updates.

Access Downloads Faster

You can find all your purchases from your My Account page. To get there click on your account dropdown in the top left corner of the site. Once on your Account page, just click the View Receipt next to the product you’d like to download. 

Improved Commenting

Comments were great, although they tended to appear messy intermixed with questions about the product, or people responding with “Great product! “ 

Comments have been broken into two focused areas. 

  • Pre-Sale questions are for any questions you might have on a product before you purchase it. You’ll find the Pre-Sale question tab above a product's images on its product page.
  • Reviews: After you’ve purchased a product, you can leave a rating with a text review, letting the creator and other customers know what your thoughts are.

Vendors are now called Creators

A seemingly simple update of text, though for the Blender Market, it goes much deeper. The term Vendor feels colder in a way, more of a businesslike and traditional way of doing things. This is not the team’s vision of the Blender Market. 

Instead, the Blender Market wants to inspire people to create amazing products that support the community and inspirational pieces of work with products they’ve purchased from the Market, all while using Blender. 

Product Submission Form gets a fresh coat of paint.

There is a lot that goes into a product, and the original submission form was a single long scrolling piece of text. 

The form has been completely redesigned, allowing for easier, more streamlined creation, previewing of your product page and even saving drafts so you can come back later and finish your product page.

Sales Graphs: Keep track of Performance

Creators now have direct access to their products' sales metrics. They can view sales for all their products or drill down to an individual product to see how it’s doing, all while keeping an eye on total earnings, donations, and upcoming commission payments. 


Other improvements worth mentioning: 

  • Creators can now add collaborators to products, splitting revenue automatically. 

  • Improved product rotation on the homepage of the site for greater exposure.

  • Improved product sort and search. 

  • Blog page layout updated for easier reading. 

  • Improved Creators shop page

  • Footer re-design with updated links + blog articles

The team is incredibly proud of this release and excited for you to dive in and create amazing products while helping out the Blender ecosystem. In just five months of work, the crew has re-written the site from scratch with 2600+ commits, 100k+ lines of code, 300+ closed issues and a lot of coffee, beer, wine, and motivation to make the Blender Market the place to sell and purchase Blender products. 



  • Aiduss over 3 years ago

    Keep up good work!

  • Cody Meyer over 3 years ago

    Good stuff!

  • Jim Wyman over 3 years ago

    Please consider removing the annoying drop-down pollution on the products pages - the 'View Item' and 'Add to Cart' buttons that get in the way.
    These are a tremendous disincentive to explore the products, and hence to purchase them.
    Previously and normally, when rolling over a product listing, a user's mouse pointer changes to a hand with a finger if the item underneath it is active, just like it does when a user scrolls over a hypertext link in all the rest of the user's HTML experience.
    Everybody knows when they see this that they can click on the thing that caused the pointer to change to a finger to get more information.
    But you have assaulted the user with bouncy drop-down things.
    One of the two items is a button: "Put it in my cart".
    Did you put this feature in because you had purchasers screaming at you "please...help me spend money before I even look at how a feature works, so put in a button that I might hit accidentally and fill up my shopping cart because I won't check the shopping cart...I just want to buy buy buy buy...I don't want to see the product in action before I buy it."
    Is this what you call "enhancing the buyer's experience"? This isn't "enhancing"...it's annoying.
    Humans are subconsciously wired so that they must attend to high contrast motion.
    When you flash this eye-junk across a product entry, it tells the person that they need to go on alert...
    ...they're getting ambushed by some graphic dropping down - when they didn't ask for it to drop down.
    Then they have to spend time looking directly at the thing that was in motion, to determine whether or not it's a threat...which it isn't, it's just you people flicking them in the eyeball.
    Then...finally, after rudely getting interrupted, the shopper can go on scanning the screen for interesting things to buy...
    but you won't let him or her do that! No...here is yet another flashy drop-down thing that the shopper must interrupt their thoughts and attend to yet again...over and overr. You continue to flick them in the eyeball if they make the mistake of moving their mouse near a product.
    Please stop this. This feature is not needed, and it takes away from the browsing experience and discourages buying - the blender artists here are interested in getting to the heart of the feature that the Creators have made...to see if they can benefit from it and to see if they will get more out of it than they pay for. Just get out of their way and let them do that, eh? We're not all that impressed with your cleverness.
    An equivalent feature would be if you and changed you layout to an a hot pink background with light yellow lettering...painful to eyes, distracting and annoying, and discourages purchases.

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