Winter Sale 2024 Recap

Thank you for another great sale to officially kick off 2024 at Blender Market.  We held the Winter sale February 20 - 25.  Creators chose to opt in more than 8000 total products and offered them at 25% off the regular price.  

While the winter sale tends to look pretty tame on the heels of the Cyber Sale, the final day drove a single day of gross sales to almost $145,000.  Looking at February as a whole, at the time of writing this, the total order gross has exceeded $1.2M for the month$562,133.62 of that came from the sale and $442,844.35 was earned by creators just during those five days.  We cherish the opportunity to issue these payouts to Blender Market creators to support their continued work and success with Blender.

Thank you to the 17,816 customers who participated in the sale and to all the creators who participate daily Blender Market.  🧡

Here are the full number for just the 5 days of the sale.

  • Gross merchandise value: $562,133.62
  • Creator earnings: $442,844.35
  • Affiliate earnings: $31,318.86
  • Total refunded revenue: $1,282.21
  • Total Blender Dev. Fund donations: $7,808.02
  • Blender Market gross revenue: $78,880.18
  • Total products sold (excluding free): 28,183
  • Total orders (excluding free): 14,146
  • Unique customers (without free) / (with free): 10,331 / 17,816
  • Unique products sold (without free) / (with free): 3,627 / 3,738
  • Average order amount (free excluded): $39.74