2023 Cyber Sale Recap

Blender keeps growing and Blender Market Creators are growing with it. 

The success of this year's Cyber sale is a testament to Blender and Blender Artists, and the great cycle that continues to foster both. 

Blender recently released version 4.x, Blender Market Creators continue to create and update products to increase your efficiency as a Blender Artist and each time you purchase a product with a ❤️ that creator donates a portion of their earnings back to the Blender Foundation to support further development and round and round we go. 

As we enter the holidays and the end of 2023, we would like to express our thanks to everyone who is part of the Blender community.

We went big with this year's Cyber sale and increased the discount to 30% off participating products.  Clearly the most highly anticipated sale of the year, the first day of the 2023 Cyber sale broke all previous records for a single day of sales with $235,369 in gross processed volume.  There are many things that made this our biggest sale ever from the unprecedented 10K+ products included in the sale and a total gross merchandise value for the the four days of the sale reaching $789,719.38 and the donation to the Blender Development Fund topping $10K with a total of $10,914.43 in donations.

Congratulations on a strong end to the year, whether that is your success as a Blender Market creator or your new tools that make your work in Blender more robust and efficient.  

Here is the full report to put it all in context.  These numbers reflect only the four days of the Blender Market 2023 Cyber Sale:
Gross merchandise value: $789,719.38
Creator earnings: $632,806.20
Affiliate earnings: $41,723.13
Total refunded revenue: $2,981.63
Total Blender Dev. Fund donations: $10,914.43
Blender Market gross revenue: $101,293.99
Total products sold (excluding free): 35,918
Total orders (excluding free): 16,051
Unique customers (without free) / (with free): 11,465 / 15,887
Unique products sold (without free) / (with free): 3,592 / 3,689
Average order amount (free excluded): $49.20