Zuv Tools

by Zach Eastin in Addons

*** No longer in active development (see bottom of page) ***
ZUV Tools extends Blender's UV toolset with some powerful selection, spreading, smoothing, and manipulating tools. Bringing over tools such as smooth, find shortest path, circle, relax, and many more ZUV Tools gets you working faster than ever.

2.5.1 - Fixes for Blender 3.6 and 4.1

2.5 New Features:

New Tools:
Randomize: Randomize the location of selected UVs within a set distance
Boundary Select: Select UVs on the boundary of a selection
Hide (better): More intuitively hides UVs (when hiding UVs on the edge of an island, only the selected UVs are hidden instead of the UVs of the same vertices; see video)
Gridify Islands: Turn any 4 cornered island made up of quads into a nice spread grid (auto spread and auto ratio applied)

Increased Functionality:

  • Default Keymaps for Copy, Paste, Shortest Path, Hide Better, Rip, Auto-Weld, and Spread added
  • Spread works when sync is enabled, ignores hidden uvs
  • Shortest path works with hidden uvs, ignores hidden UVs when selecting closet UV to mouse
  • Relax works with uverts on island edge
  • Auto-Merge ignores hidden uverts
  • Circle more reliably auto rotates correctly
  • Auto "Redo UVerts":
    • You should no longer need to press "Redo UVerts" (at least as often as you did before). ZUV Tools now automatically, on the fly, recalculates UVerts. What does this mean for you? Less interrupts during your workflow!

2.0 Main Features:

Shortest Path : With two selected UVs this operator will find the shortest path according to the selected algorithm and source.

Spread : Straightens selected UVs and spaces UVs evenly or according to their distances on the mesh.

Smooth : Smooth selected UVs. Great for when interior UVs of the same island are intersecting and Minimize Stretch isn’t doing what you want.

Circle : Turns selected UVs into a circle

Transfer Selection : Transfers selected UVs between UV sync modes

Check documentation for full list of features!

I apologize to all my users, but I do not see any new features coming to ZUV in the future. I was developing this inline with my job and I am not longer at that job and do not have the time to update this. If anyone would like to continue working on this let me know!

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Blender Version 4.1, 3.6
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