Zaha Hadid Grand Rabat Theatre Model

by UH Studio in Models

A 3d model of Grand Rabat Theatre

Modelled from reference images and satellite imagery using only quads, with all loop cuts intact.

This model would be highly useful for sci-fi scenes, futuristic cities, and adding interest in your urban environments. It would also be a useful reference study for how to model complex architecture with subdiv.  

Model Consists of 6 objects:

  • Theatre shell - 44.5k verts and 44.5k faces
  • Glass Entrance - 140 verts and 67 faces
  • Front entry - 7.5k verts and 7.3k faces
  • Side entry - 2k verts and 2k faces
  • Context base - 5k verts and 5k faces
  • Water - 1.1.k verts and 1.1k faces

Materials are placeholders with no textures

Modelled in meters, FBX in cm, OBJ orientation Yup and -Z forward

Total 60k verts and 60k faces

Time-lapse of modelling:

Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.92
License Royalty Free
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