Xeffects Addon Bundle (5 Addons)

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This Bundle contains some of our Effect Tool Addons, They will surely help you Easily Add Effects in your scene and more in blender, we have bundled together Five addons 

they are FIVE ADDONS

Quick Particles, : Create Particles in Blender Easily

Shockwave Addon, : Create Shockwaves Using Blender Particle System

Burst Addon, : Burst some stuff, Make things Fly Around

Kairos Abstract Motion Graphics, : Abstract Effects on any Object Using Geometry Nodes

Sound React Addon, : Make anything React to sound Frequency you choose,, ANYTHING

WHAT A BUNDLE THIS IS!!! You have Everything you need to make any effect you want with these tools, Make sound react to anything, add particles, create some shockwaves, add abstract effects to your objects, Burst some Stuff, Name it, This is our favorite Bundle We can't wait to see what you will make


Quick Particles simplifies the creation of particles Effects in Blender with a few steps and a few tweaks, This makes Blender's Particle System Even more simpler, Easy, Accessible, Reliable and Very Easy to Use Compared to the Default Blender Particle Creation Workflow, 



•    Cool particle Objects, Glowing, Mirror etc
•    Force Fields
•    Most Blender System Particle Settings
•    Amazing Functions
•    Easy Creation of particles
•    Easily Tweakable
•    Easy Animate


This is Blender's very first Shockwave Addon to be featured on the Blender Market, it uses blender's Particle system to create a shockwave, you can turn it into smoke if your sure of your PC, its so easy and lightweight,


  • Change Color
  • Change Size
  • Duplicate Emitter
  • Change Shape
  • Change Speed
  • More

Kairos Abstract Motion Graphics

This is an addon that simplifies scifi scene creation in blender, its super fast, super easy and super affordable, it uses geometry nodes to make the magic happen, it comes with over 17 presets for you to play with and customize to your own liking

this addon work son all Mesh Object, as long as its a mesh, you are good to Go, the more polygons your Mesh has the More Computing Power you will need 


  • Animatable through Geometry Nodes 
  • Easy to Learn
  • Fast Workflow
  • 17 presets
  • Customizable
  • Reveal Animation
  • More

Burst Addon

This addon creates bursts that you can use as water splashes, Ground burst explosions, snow bursts, paper bursts, and all kind of debris flying around, its so simple to use and customizable to your liking


  • 12 Presets
  • Fully customizable
  • Can be placed anywhere you want the burst to be
  • You can add smoke manually
  • Custom Debris, you can use stones or snow or papers or water drops anything 

Sound React Addon

This addon makes any animatable property in blender react to sound, any audio file can react to any property on blender as long as it's data path is accessible at any specific frequency or range or from the presets provided, you can make a cube scale on the bass and a sphere scale on the highs to make something cool

sound can react to scale, location, rotation or any animatable property, using this addon you make a property animate on one specific frequency, or from the presets provided

  • Bass - property reacts to bass
  • Kicks - property reacts to kicks
  • Mild - property reacts to melodies, snares voices and more
  • High -  property reacts voices, high notes and more
  • Treble - property reacts to voices of women, kids, snares and more
  • Full - property reacts to any frequency

==== FOR MORE ADDONS =====

Easy Displacer Addon Blender's Most Advanced Displacement Addon

Surface Detail Addon Blender's Most Advanced Hard Surface Tool

Quake Animation Tools Blender's Most Advanced Animation Tools

Particles-X Blender's Most Advanced Particle System Extension

Scifi Elements Addon which creates scifi elements in your scene easily

Quake Motion Camera, Blenders best motion camera addon ever created

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