Ww2 Liquid Storage Assets Collection

by KangaroOz 3D in Models

Jerrycans and barrels are in separated objects and can be used together or individually. 

All LODs are available in the FBX files (for Unity or Unreal) and can be used in any game engines. 

The 6 pre-assembled assets are available in the 3D Assets zip file in FBX and ready to be uploaded in your 3D Scene. 

All Materials and Textures are ready for PBR workflow for Cycles or Eevee rendering in the native Blender file or in Unity / Unreal Engine / Cry Engine / Lumberyard... 

The Unwrapped UVs are non-overlapping and can be re-work to add more details on the surface as leaks, oil splashes, grease, personal logotype...