World Blender - Advanced Landscape Generator (Blender 4.0)

by Lance Phan in Modifier Setups

World Blender is an asset library of Geo Nodes as well as Shader nodes that allows you to quickly and procedurally generate all kinds of massive and high detail landscapes from scratch right inside of Blender.


You can find World Blender's tutorials on my Youtube play list here

World Blender Basics

World Blender Basics offers the basic tools to give you a glimpse to what World Blender has to offer. However, even with just the basic tools, you can still create stunning high detailed landscapes with just a few clicks.

World Blender Basics requires Blender 4.0 to run.

Creating a landscape using World Blender Basics

A dry landscape, created using World Blender Basics

World Blender Pro

World Blender Pro is the full version of World Blender, it gives you the tools to precisely control your landscape. You can load height images, sculpt landscapes, use objects as displacement, use curves to control the mountains and ridges, simulate the freezing and melting of snow, scattering trees, rocks and much much more.

World Blender Pro's latest version requires Blender 4.0 while the older version requires Blender 3.4.

World Blender Pro can create a large variety of landscapes

2K landscape created using World Blender Pro

How to install

World Blender is an asset library for Geometry nodes and Shader nodes. Simply unzip the file and add the folder containing the Blend file as an asset library, then you're good to go.

Note: The Simulation nodes are heavy tasks so you may experience temporary freezes while the simulation is running.

Notable features

Procedural rock generation

World Blender is a fully procedural landscape generator, at any given time, you can go back and change your node set up to regenerate a completely new landscape.

Erosion simulation

A landscape generator is not complete without an erosion engine of some kind. The World Blender comes with a robust erosion node to help you simulate the flow of water that erodes the rock into dirt.

Hydro simulation

Simulate the behavior of water that flows through your landscape, if the temperature is low, the water is frozen into snow and slide down the slope, if the temperature is high, the snow will melt into water and flow down and pool into lakes.

Fractal displacement

Combine multiple fractal textures to create all kinds of super detailed rock formations.

Custom displacement

World Blender is not just about random fractal displacement, it also comes with various tools to give you the power to precisely control the formation of your landscape, may it be sculpting, or a custom object, you can do it all.


Quick rock, quick debris and quick dirt shaders were combined to generate this high detailed landscape texture

The erosion node generate various data channels that can be used along side with the fractal textures to generate high detailed realistic textures for your landscape.

World Blender Pro also offer a Quick Shader nodes such as Quick rock, Quick debris and Quick dirt shaders, these quick shaders automatically make use of the generated data channels to generate a high detailed shader for your landscape.

Artistic sky texture

A procedurally generated sky texture that gives you more control over various elements of the sky.

Artwork I created using World Blender Pro

Update 2023-12-07

World Blender Basics:

  • You now have the option to create the landscape at the center of the world.
  • Added a height clamp node to let you cut off a certain height level of the landscape
  • Selector utility nodes in shader editor now have the option to use custom Normal/Height map
  • The old erosion node is now fully available for World Blender Basics
  • Added preview of World Blender Pro nodes to give you an overview of what is available in World Blender Pro

World Blender Pro:

Contains all the extra features of World Blender basics plus the following:

  • Added a Cell terrace node
  • Added a Particle flow node that simulates the trail of rain particles and produces a high quality flow map.
  • Added 8 more presets, inspired by real world locations.
  • The experimental rock generating nodes are now somewhat usable, however, more development is still needed.

Update 2023-11-24

Changed "World Blender Pro.blend" to "landscape nodes main.blend" to fix the path issue with the presets

Update 2023-11-22

An update for World Blender Pro

  • Added a new erosion model, achieve higher detail on the same resolution landscape. The new erosion model is better for large landscapes (larger than 1 km) while the old erosion model is better for small landscapes (smaller than 1 km), both are available at your finger tips
  • Quick rock, quick debris, quick dirt shaders
  • Artistic sky texture
  • 4 landscape presets
  • Adjusted default values for various nodes to achieve better results right out of the box.
  • Bug fixes
  • Many other minor improvements

Update for Blender 4.0

Geometry node updates:

  • Improved Erosion and Hydro simulation nodes, now up to 10% faster, allows unlimited iterations and support unlimited resolution thanks to the new "Repeat Zone" of Blender 4.0
  • Added Advanced convexity node: Generate high quality convexity map for the landscape
  • Added a node to generate texture from curve object
  • Added 12 examples for the Pro version
  • Added a Basics version + 3 examples
  • Removed Essentials version since nobody wants it
  • Added a Scatter node to let you quickly scatter objects such as trees and rocks onto your landscape
  • Added a Simulation Data node to let you quickly extract the data after the Erosion or Hydro simulation node and use them for other purposes.

Shader node update:

  • Improved Landscape Data node
  • Quick Shader node: Quickly visualize your landscape

Other updates:

  • All of World Blender nodes have been made into assets with proper icons and categories. You no longer have to look for the node in a messy menu, Life is much easier.
  • Adjusted default values to produce decent result right out of the box

Update 2023-04-08

  • Improved erosion node, added Rock Break parameter that allows you to create sharp rocks. Also added Debris loss parameter to let the debris be lost over time.
  • Added a Hydro Simulation node to simulate short term water such as flowing, freezing, melting and snow sliding.
  • Added Height Fog shader node to Pro version- Create a layer of volumetric fog that is denser at the ground level and falls off along the height.
  • Added Cloud shader node to Pro version - Creates volumetric clouds at a selected height level and mimic the curvature of the earth
  • Improved Landscape Data shader node

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