Wooden Axe 3D Model

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Wooden Axe 3D Model

Introducing the CGHawk Wooden Axe 3D Model, a masterfully crafted digital representation of a wooden axe that will bring your virtual worlds to life.

Immerse yourself in the intricate details of this model, featuring high-quality PBR textures that depict realistic surface scratches and lifelike materials. With a texture size of 4k, every nuance and grain of the wood is captured flawlessly.

To ensure versatility, we provide two distinct texture sets, offering you even more creative possibilities. The file encompasses an array of essential textures, including Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Roughness, and Metallic. Additionally, we have included Height and Ambient Occlusion maps for enhanced depth and realism.

With a low polygon count of 729, this Wooden Axe 3D Model is optimized for seamless integration into various gaming environments, delivering top-notch performance without sacrificing visual quality.

To cater to different software preferences, we provide a comprehensive range of file formats for your convenience. Whether you prefer Blender, fbx, obj, stl, abc, dae, ply, glb, or usdc, we have you covered.

Elevate your virtual worlds and unlock unlimited creative potential with the CGHawk Wooden Axe 3D Model. Experience the beauty and authenticity of this digital creation.

Wooden Axe 3D Model by CGHawk