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What is Window Maker?

Window Maker is an add-on for Blender that allows you to create procedural windows from simple faces with just a click.

When the Add-on is enabled, in the side panel in the 3d Viewport, you'll see the BB Windows Panel. From there, you can transform any object containing faces into fully customizable windows with a simple button click. 

This add-on can also create holes inside a wall object (or collection of wall objects). These holes are also fully procedural and get created automatically as you add new windows. and they also move as you move your windows around.

The shape of the window is determined by the shape of the underlying face

How does this add-on work?

It applies a Geometry nodes modifier to the selected object. These applied node trees create Windows objects, but no Geometry nodes knowledge is needed since all that matters for the user happens inside the side panel of the 3D viewport.
Once the windows are created, this panel populates with many options organized inside dropdown menus.

Every option is explained in detail in the User Manual which can be downloaded HERE for free.

Watch the video review of this add-on on YouTube HERE

Just click on the "Create Windows" button and turn any object with faces into fully procedural windows. You can choose out of 3 different modes; multiple Window Mode, Double Wing Window Mode and Fixed Window Mode

This add-on allows you to create procedural holes from these window objects. Just choose a wall object and click on a button. The holes will change as your windows change in size and shape.

You'll get a long list of editable parameters to personalize and randomize the look of the windows.

Every part of the window can have its own material.

All geometry is UV Mapped.

UV Map is defined and controlled by a vector attribute. When applying geometry this attribute gets converted into a real UVmap that can be edited in the UV editor like any other UV Map. This map is also used when exporting this geometry into other 3D software.

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
License GPL
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