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Kick-start your automotive project
Wheelwiz makes wheel setups easy and quick with a procedural setup and a library of automotive assets

Geometry nodes based
Easy editing


Make endless combinations

The parts
The ingredients to make your unique setup

Super flexible!
Adjustable assets

Custom assets


Detail levels
Adjust to your work station
Ready to render

Shaders for the rims, brake calipers, brake disks and 4 different tire side walls
Custom shaders

Easy accuracy

CAD Like
Live updating dimensioning

Look out!
Hot brakes!

Beta features
Tire deformation

UI and Settings

Update log

v.0.0.7 (18-12-23)
- Release

v.0.0.8 (20-12-23)
- Added functionally: Button to apply the rig and to create separate meshes from the setup

v.0.0.9 (23-12-23)
- Performance optimization to improve usability (quality / performance added in the geometry nodes panel levels)
- Auto-scaling of the rim to fit the tire dimensions
- In addition to the track width, total width indication (incl the width of the tires)
- 9 New wheelbase+track width presets

v.0.1.0 (27-12-23)
- Auto-scaling of the brakes to fit the tire and rim dimensions
- 3 new custom rim nuts
- 3 New wheelbase+track width presets
- Improved UI
- 4 new rims

v.0.1.1 (15-1-24)
- Separate rotation for front and rear brake calipers
- 1 new detailed brake caliper model
- 7 new rims

v.0.1.2 (11-2-24)
- Bug fixes related to applying the rig

v.0.2.0 (03-4-24) Big Update
- All tires remodeled to be higher quality
- new offroad tire
- All tires remodeled to be higher quality
- New offroad tire
- Procedural side wall textures
- Custom shader for the brakes disks, rims, tires, nuts and brake calipers
- Tire deformation
- Random tire rotation
- Constant tire rotation for dynamic shots (in combination with motion blur)
- Improved UI controls, easy to use viewport gizmos for steering angle, wheel rotation, brake rotation and camber
- 2 new rigs; 2 wheel and 1 wheel rigs.
- Many more details improved for better usability

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Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5
License GPL
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