Weight Shaper

by Makatopia in Addons

Is Weight Shaper easy to use for beginners?

Yes, it's quite user-friendly. You simply pose your character, adjust the vertices, and Weight Shaper does the weight painting. It's straightforward and ideal for those new to this area.

Can I run the algorithm multiple times on the same mesh adjustments?

Yes, you can apply the optimization multiple times. This is particularly useful if the algorithm didn't converge in the first attempt, possibly due to a low iteration setting. Multiple runs allow for further refinement until the desired result is achieved.

Does the add-on normalize weights after adjustments?

Yes, after each optimization, the algorithm automatically normalizes weights to ensure balanced and consistent results across the model.

Can this add-on be used for complex models?
Yes, the add-on is designed to handle complex models. However, it's important to note that processing time significantly increases with the complexity and number of vertices being adjusted. In cases where a large number of vertices are modified in highly complex models, the algorithm may take a considerably long time to process. This is an essential consideration for users working with extremely detailed models, as the add-on may struggle with exceptionally high vertex counts.
How does the performance of the add-on vary?

The add-on's performance largely depends on the algorithm's settings and the number of vertices adjusted. More vertices and higher precision settings can increase processing time.

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Published 6 months ago
Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6
License GPL
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