Warwolf Energy Shield 01

by Lobo De Guerra in Models

Ok people we got a new Procedural Material with a SciFi theme, this time it’s an Energy Shield of some sort. Cool for concepts and other things.


  • For Blender 2.93 LTS.
  • Includes 1 set of Textures in the form of 4K PNG Maps: Diffuse / Emission / Normal / Mask

How does it work?

The logic for it is as follows:

  1. It has 2 Principled Shaders for managing each of the emissions, one for the hexagon strokes and one for the inside of the hexagons. Yes, they separated so you have full control over the effect you want to achieve.
  2. Between the 2 shaders there’s an hexagon mask which you can also adjust.
  3. So in resume you’ll have control over 3 aspects, the hexagon grid, the interior of the hexagon as emissives and the stroke of the hexagon grid which is also an emissive, both with noise maps for better realism.

Now let’s review the options on the shader to see how to use it.

First Set of Options is the Emissive Stroke

  • Base Color: Color for the hexagon strokes.
  • Roughness: if you want it to be transparent or opaque.
  • Emission Strength: The strength of the emission for the hexagon strokes.

Now we have the Internal Noise or the interior of the hexagons:

  • Foreground: As explained before we got a noise map in here so you need to define colors for background and foreground.
  • Background: As explained before we got a noise map in here so you need to define colors for background and foreground.
  • Emission: The color of the emission being emitted.
  • Scale: Scale for the noise mask that mixes both colors.
  • Distortion: In case you want to make more cloudy stuff.
  • Roughness: Use it super low for transparency.
  • Transmission: If you actually want it to be transparent. (Default is 1.0)

Finally, the Hexagonal Tiling aspect.

  • Tiling Scale: Here you set the scale of the tileset.
  • Stroke Weight: Basically the weight of the stroke for the hexagons.




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Blender Version 2.93
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