Vintage Interior Scene

by CGHawk in Models

Vintage Interior 3D Scene

Step into a charming and nostalgic world with our Vintage Interior 3D Scene. Featuring a collection of hand-picked vintage themed assets, this room scene is perfect for those looking to add a touch of character and warmth to their games or architectural projects.

The PBR textures used in this scene are of the highest quality and go up to 4k resolution, ensuring that every detail is captured and rendered beautifully. With a variety of maps available, including diffuse, normal, specular, roughness, and metallic, you can be sure that your finished project will look as authentic and realistic as possible.

In addition to the fully furnished room scene, you will also receive all of the individual models in a separate folder, allowing you to mix and match and create your own unique scenes. Plus, with multiple file formats available including .fbx, .obj, and a Blender file, importing and using the scene in your project is a breeze.

Download our Vintage Interior 3D Scene today and bring a touch of nostalgia and charm to your projects with ease!

Textures are all baked to a 'textures' file, included in the package.

PBR textures at a max of 4k, maps: diffuse x normal x specular x roughness x metallic

All the models are also included seperately within a 'models' file.

Easy to access just import the .fbx to use this scene within a game or project.

Assets Included:-



Wooden Sideboard Unit

Cylinder Tree

Wooden Floor

Wallpapered Walls

Plastered Ceiling

Retro CRT TV

Drop Leaf Table

Vasagle Chair



Download includes the .fbx, .obj, a Blender file, a models folder and textures.

Vintage Interior 3D Scene by CGHawk


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