Video To Image Sequence Converter

by CGMatter in Addons

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This is a product I wanted years ago. I've exported out a lot of image sequences for tracking, editing, and compositing purposes in my day. While not the hardest thing in the world it becomes pretty tedious doing it over and over and over again!


Introducing Video To Image Sequence Converter!

Literally just Click & Drag

Once the addon is installed, you will see a "Video to Sequence" operator in your search bar!

Window is Moveable and Overlays

Installs like Any Other Addon


  • Exports to .png, .jpg, or .tiff sequence
  • Handles export directory for you (subdirectory of the original video file)
  • Works with Windows and Mac
  • Interactive GUI
  • Works with your OS (you're not limited to videos in Blender)
  • Compatible with most video formats
      - including .avi .mp4 .mov .mkv . flv . wmv

  • Compatibility

    This addon is made with Blender 4.0 in mind. Under the hood the addon triggers a conda packaged environment which runs the compatible version of Python. Long story short...

    😍it just works😍

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    Published 6 months ago
    Blender Version 4.0
    License Royalty Free
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