Victorian House - G100

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Victorian home of the ages!

Another Victorian home for you. This is a simple 2-story home with a tower reaching for the sky. The details are either embedded or added to the surface to give it more character. This house will surely add a layer of creativity and inspiration to your overall scene. This house has been researched, documented, and modeled with precision and care. This model has everything you need to get your scene started.  

There are two versions of this house...a BASE model and a PLUS model. 

The base model has simple details but you'll get the majority of the house. With the PLUS model, you'll get more details, embossed decorative elements, siding, and some parameters. Just look at the images below.

BASE Model

  1. Overall Building
  2. Decorative windows
  3. Ornate front door
  4. Scaled Model with accurate details

PLUS Model

  1. Base model details
  2. Detailed windows crowns
  3. Detailed tower elements
  4. Embedded/embossed decorative details
  5. Siding curated for this house
  6. Railing posts, more ornate
  7. Ornate front door
  8. Bracket details
  9. Modifiers
  10. Layers with every object labeled

What you need to know about this model.

A. There are layers to this model that are easy to read and use for Blender Users. They are as follows:

  1. TARGET_VH-G100 (select this to move the entire model)

  2. LIGHTS (you don't need this layer because you'll want to add your own)

B. All materials and shaders are native and high quality specifically for this model.

  1. I have simple materials that are native to Blender. I've kept it simple so that you can change it to your liking.

C. The model is ready for your scenes and is fully BLENDER CYCLES ready.

Yes, this model is only BLENDER 3.3


You do have the FBX and OBJ formats (coming soon).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me. If you like this model, feel free to comment on it. 

All models are a trademark of and it's affiliated. You are free to use this model as you please for any interior or exterior scenes. You can try to use it in another program, but why would you? Blender is the best. Just be nice and don't sell it. You buy it. You have it. Use it! If you do, I would love to see how you used this model in your projects!

Disclaimer: I do have the 2D drawings (elevations) in CAD if you want them for an additional cost. Since I've developed them with precision, dimensions, and layers, the file will cost extra. Also, if you plan on using this model for any filming or media production, you must get written consent from me in the form of a contract. 


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Published 8 months ago
Blender Version 3.3
Render Engine Used Cycles
License Creative Commons
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