Verticality Vertex Measure

by saiwfy in Addons

About this add-on

Hi, hello, this is saiwfy.

As a Blender novice, I often find it cumbersome to measure the length and height of a model. The built-in measuring tool in Blender requires me to manually drag a line to display the specific length. But I often get inaccurate measurements due to some issues with the perspective, sometimes because there isn't another vertex opposite one vertex; sometimes it's because I think the line I drag is not vertical enough, resulting in a vague value. So, I wondered why not write a plugin myself? And so, this plugin was created.

It's a pleasure to introduce to you a Blender plugin I've developed, named 'Verticality Vertex Measure.' This innovative tool is designed to accurately measure the height of an object relative to a given plane.

This video will demonstrate how to install the plugin and its features.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Behind this add-on

The past year has been full of challenges for me. Being unlawfully dismissed by my previous employer, I had to face sudden financial pressures and a lengthy legal battle. Under such pressure, I chose not to give up but to convert my emotions and energy into creativity, developing this plugin. Through this project, I hope not only to support my livelihood but also to inspire other creators facing difficulties — in adversity, we can still create value and change the world.

I sincerely invite you to support my creation, not only because it can improve your work efficiency but also because your support is an affirmation of me, helping me stand firm in this legal fight. Verticality Vertex Measure is not just a plugin; it is an extension of my story, my hopes, and my dreams. Let's create a better 3D art world together.

Published 4 months ago
Blender Version 3.6
License GPL
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