Vertex Painter

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Vertex Painter documentation


The interface of Vertex Painter is very straight forward. The documentation below will guide you through all the necessary information you need.

Object selection (target and reference)

The first setting is to determine which object that the paint should be applied to, known as the target. This can be easily set by either choosing the object in the list or with the eyedropper tool.


After you have set the target you determine the type, if it is vertex groups (weight paint) or vertex colors (vertex paint). Generally, vertex groups are more aimed towards creating a particle system and vertex colors are focusing on your material and node setup. after that it is just to tick in the box "Use masks" to create vertex group/color.

Masks settings

There are three types of masks which can be used all together or separately by ticking in the boxes.

Camera: This mask creates a vertex group/color for what is within your active camera.

Slope: The slope mask creates a vertex group/color based on the slope of the object/landscape. The high and low threshold parameters help you fine tune exactly where the levels in between should be. Everything above the high threshold paints the maximum value of 1, everything below the lowest threshold paints the lowest value of 0. If the threshold values are flipped, the mask will also flip.

Altitude: The altitude mask only paints vertex groups/colors between the two thresholds based on the z axis object height, or the opposite if they are flipped. 

Smooth vertex colors: If you have created a vertex color, you have the option to smooth them out or not. This is set on as a default since the look otherwise might give a sharp and unnatural pixel look.

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