Ventilation Duct Pack

by Vin C in Models

With 74 fully mapped models in both Blender and OBJ formats, the Ventilation Ducts Pack is perfect for effortlessly assembling background details without wasting time creating assets from scratch. Designed with edge loops in mind, the quad geometry construction ensures a clean model at both hi and low poly counts.

This pack includes:

23 Miscellaneous adapter parts for connection between different duct sizes. (Small, medium, and Large.)

19 Rectangular shaped parts.

16 Small square shaped parts.

16 large square shaped parts.

Each model has its own individual UV map generated. (Please note: There are no textures included with this pack. Only unwrapped UV maps.)

Additionally 1024 resolution thumbnail images of each model are included for easy referencing of parts.

As a pictures worth a thousand words, I highly recommend browsing the gallery for a full display of every part. (Skip to the end of the gallery to see examples of the assembled parts.)