Vehicle Rig Factory Plus (Blender 3.X And 4.X)

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Vehicle Rig Factory Plus,

is an addon that helps to build your own vehicle rig, this addon is very flexible and can do rig many types of vehicles, put in or put out a system whatever is suitable for your needs, this addon already tasted in real production and solved many problems in vehicle rig, designing for cartoon tasted, this addon has features to help Rigger to solved essential technical with a new method that only found in new blender version start from Blender 3.0+ until Blender 4.0+, such as make wheel flat tire, wheel tank, detach wagon, and use new constraints.

For Animators,

This addon also has features to help Animators, such as auto spline path, a ground system in one input, attach/detach wagon, and make train wagons run in the spline. 

the most interesting of VRF + is this addon designed for cartoon vehicles, such as auto IK wheels that dynamically move the entire body, border rotation axis, dynamic pivot body and etc.

Dynamic Body Suspension,

Dynamic Body Pivot,

Just driver, no more bake wheel rotation! ,

New tank tracks system!,

Save and load metarig ,

Tutorial in many types of vehicles,

How Install VRF Plus Addon in Blender,

How Remove VRF Plus Addon from Blender,

Why do You need VRF Plus Addon?

" If you are an animation studio, Rigger, Animator, Independent Artist, Game Developer and etc, you need to build a Vehicle Rig already tasted real production this addon will save you in build speed and solved the technical issues"

"if you need for character's vehicle such as Thomas and friends, Tayo, or Bob The Train, you will need VRF Plus"

"VRF Plus designs for a cartoon style, easy to control for an animator, easy to customize for rigger"

Let us know, if you wish to become an affiliate!

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Blender Version 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2
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