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by James Guard Studios in Addons

Level Design Simplified: Introducing USync Blender 3D to Unreal Engine Addon!

Revolutionize your level design and prototyping workflow with Usync. Gone are the days of manual exporting and placement in unreal – our Blender to Unreal sync tool creates a seamless connection, streamlining the process from design to implementation in Unreal Engine.

Currently Supports Unreal 5.1 and 5.2. 5.3 Support will come avalible when 5.3 become public.

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Prototype Level Design timelapse

✅ Two CLick Sync: Experience Scene Reconstruction in Seconds with USync's Instant .Json Export for Unreal Engine!

✅ Author Custom Assets: Elevate your level design by incorporating your own custom assets. Begin with prototype assets as a foundation and seamlessly integrate your custom 3D assets to build a final level.

✅ Physics Placement: Utilize our user-friendly tagging and simulation tools for swift and efficient asset placement with realistic physics then sync.

✅ Prototyping Asset Library: Embrace our inclusive asset library for a rapid start in crafting prototype maps. Stay tuned for a growing collection of additional assets!

✅ Static Mesh and Blueprint Actor Support: Enjoy full compatibility with static meshes and blueprint actors, ensuring a smooth transition for all elements of your level design.

✅ Level Design Toolset: Within Usync lies an extensive array of tools tailored for level design. Our ultimate objective is to liberate artists from technical constraints, enabling them to create with boundless freedom.

✅ Effortless Updates: Make changes in Blender, click the sync button in Unreal Engine, and watch your level update effortlessly based on the generated asset list.

✅ Easy Snapping Settings: Effortlessly adjust snapping preferences to align with your level design requirements—eliminate the hassle of navigating through intricate snapping settings.

✅ Seamless Collaboration: Enhance team collaboration by sharing the asset list across your development team, facilitating a unified approach to level design.

✅ Sun Direction Sync: Alter the sun's orientation within Blender and observe the synchronized adjustments in Unreal Engine.

✅ User-Friendly Interface: Designed for simplicity, our plugin's user interface ensures an intuitive experience for all game developers.

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Published 3 months ago
Blender Version 3.5, 3.6
License GPL
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