Unwrap Me - Auto Uv Seams

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Unwrap Me is tested on and supports Blender 3.3 LTS, 3.6 LTS and Blender 4.1. Check the full supported version list on the right.

OS: Windows or Linux PC

For Linux it's being tested on Linux Mint (Ubuntu-based).

Please be aware that MacOS is NOT currently supported.

Install like a regular Blender addon.

Major Announcement

Unwrap Me now has an experimental, groundbreaking new algorithm for mesh segmentation!
This means you can seam any mesh, including hard-surface or CAD meshes, in seconds.

Generate UV Seams And Reduce Texture Distortion With An Addon Exclusively For Blender

Placing seams by hand is fussy, time consuming, and after unwrapping you get UV stretching causing ugly texture distortions. Completely automated unwrappers don't think like an artist, while cutting up complicated meshes manually quickly becomes infeasible.

Unwrap Me is the most powerful automatic seam generator for Blender that lets you seam an entire mesh, or for greater control, grow seams simply by selecting one or more faces. It's a unique solution based on computer graphics research that doesn't exist anywhere else!

Many meshes can be seamed automatically, and every update brings Unwrap Me closer to a fully automated unwrapper!

Watch entire UV islands (charts) automagically grow on your mesh around face selections.

Generating seams is faster than cutting manually, particularly when dealing with triangles and n-gons.

The final unwrap has less distortion thanks to the Developability setting that limits stretch-error.

Texture Distortion:

Low Distortion UV Map With Unwrap Me:

Often unwrapping results in self-intersecting charts, Unwrap Me can remove these overlaps (currently only overlaps caused by Blender's unwrapper, not by the mesh topology).

Example Of An Overlap:

Faster editing of seams and seam islands.

Unwrap Me can even generate seams on complex meshes with bad topology.

Creates larger, better connected, similar sized charts than UV Smart Project.

Output From UV Smart Project:

Using Unwrap Me:

Enhances existing workflows—charts don't grow past existing seams or hidden faces. You are free to seam parts of your mesh manually and other parts automatically.


  • An advanced seam generating algorithm that supports both low-poly and high-poly meshes

  • Developability setting controls allowed distortion

  • Fully documented UI

  • Multi-threading acceleration, more CPU cores = faster!

  • One-Click Updater - new updates are downloaded and installed automatically

  • Tools for working with charts right on the mesh


Unwrap Me is the outcome of months of successful research and development, based on some of the latest research in computer vision. By buying Unwrap Me, you are directly funding the improvements needed to bring you the best tools possible. Not only that, you're also funding research and development of other cutting-edge technologies—exclusively for Blender! And 10% goes to the Blender Foundation!

While some big companies rake in thousands of dollars a year from a single user through monthly subscription fees, while temporarily renting you their software; Unwrap Me is a one time payment, open-source, and yours to own forever. With free updates!

Potential future features of Unwrap Me include:

  • Alternatives to Blender's core unwrapping algorithm
  • Pelting algorithm
  • Segmentation (Done!)
  • Curvature estimations (Done!)
  • GPU acceleration
  • Research & Development of AI unwrapping
  • Mac support
  • Copy seams between meshes
  • Innovative tools for manipulating UV charts

Developing complex, research-based algorithms that push the envelope takes tremendous effort, and Unwrap Me has only been possible thanks to the support from the Blender communitythank you for supporting independent developers and open-source projects.


Unwrap Me is a unique piece of software, available only for Blender. Unlike other software that can cost thousands every year in subscription fees, Unwrap Me is a one time payment, with free updates. You may purchase one copy per user, or purchase the discounted tiers to reduce the cost for multiple users. The discount is currently 5% compounded for each tier.


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Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3
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