Ultimate Water Shader

by Cg Crafted in Surfacing

July 2023 UWS3D 3.0.0 "Water tint" - Added a new type of volumetric layer (Density 2 and Density 2 color) that simulates sediment and underwater tint/coloring/gradient, creating a more realistic look. Since it's a layer you can set up the water the same way you did in v2.6.0 and older versions if you prefer it that way. 

May 2023 UWS3D 2.6.0 "Foam update" - Added a new type of foam: Edge Foam. For the first time it works on flat surfaces (meaning bump mapped water too). It automatically adds foam around shores, and edges of objects that touch the water. The old foam is now called "Height Foam". Added 1 new island preset that showcases Edge Foam. Small UI and default value fixes in the shader. (The rocky demo environment on the image isn't included).

December 2022 update: Example scene/presets added for UWS Lite (v1.3.0) and UWS3D Legacy/Lite for Cycles & Eevee, including a new river base object.

November 2022 update: Updated documentation and help files.

Sept 2021 update: now the shader comes with an installable addon that helps with appending the materials and adding pre-configured base objects that you can easily apply the shaders on. Several UI and animation improvements were made, scroll to the middle of the page to see full update log. The shader settings are still under the materials tab and the addon UI is on the right panel.

*The addon and shaders are compatible from Blender v2.91 to Blender v4.0!

See my classical house asset generator:

If you have any problems, questions or feature suggestions, message me on Blendermarket.

How to install/add to your scene: 

Blender \ edit \ preferences \ add-ons \ select downloaded zip file \ enable. Then go to the uShader tab and add the water shader you wish.

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