Ultimate Treapl® Rocks

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Ultimate Treapl® Rocks

In Treapl we love creating hyper-realistic cinematic worlds both for fun or our clients and we would like to share the latest addition to our own workflow with the Blender community.

This pack was specifically designed to BOOST the realism and variety of environment rendering and to make the worlds created with it stand out with hyper realistic details.

This is a massive Rocky Collection of more than 150+ assets and extra layers of detail such as a super detailed moss scatter system and 4K Cinematic VFX overlays!

A vast selection of various scanned rocks and extra 50 sharp CG rocks all with 6 colour versions will help you "solve" most of your rocky visuals. 

Create stunning natural rocky landscapes quickly without having to look for assets all over the place !

This is a complete ROCK SCAN 3D Environment Pack.

When creating natural CG Worlds some of the vital foreground 3d elements are big solitary rock scans to add character to your landscapes, high resolution big area textures and precisely crafted small rock scan scatter set-ups to cover the ground.

This solution offers so many visual options and feels, that you can create almost limitless rocky foregrounds - the VFX fog and post overlays will give your renders the kind of final touch that is hard to achieve straight out of a render.

This Massive Kit (150+ high quality assets) costs like ONE high-quality asset in traditional 3d-marketplaces!!!

Join more than 30 000 clients who use Treapl products to achieve hyper realistic CG !

EVERY SINGLE ASSET we used to create the presentation video sequences is present in the bundle.

Ultimate Treapl Rocks: 

+150 High quality assets and a wide selection of Blender files for use or studying

-10x Rocks and pebble beds scattering set-ups -  10 Blender files with individual scattering set-ups

-16K Tiled Ground texture for massive areas

-10x High Quality 16K Atmospheric HDRI SKY (4 GB of High end data)

-50x Generic rocks with 6 Colour Variations

-16x High quality SCANNED Solitary Free Rocks with 4K Textures (all rocks have 6 Colour variations) -5 GB Rocky Textures library

-16x High quality SCANNED Small Rocks

-10x Pebble 3d-models

-50x Ultra detail Moss 3d-models for a 2-Layer Moss scattering system (all scanned rocks have a 2 Moss-masks for 2 heights and colours of moass)

-High quality Tall Sedge Grass models for scattering and filling big green spaces

-30x Dust and Spider web remnants billboard planes to scatter extra detail to your foreground rocks (works really well on skin too - to give characters a soft outline in the skin area- in darker versions works for clothing as well)

-10x 4K Fog Billboard planes to add atmosphere to your rendering

-Bonus Assets:Hot-shot Aviator glasses, a cave model, High definition Mountain model, 2 detailed scans of dead trunks with 4K textures, 4K vignette overlay, camera scratches overlay, lens flare overlay, 4K floating dust overlay sequence,

-1x High quality animated boy in jeans and T-shirt scan - 8K textures, masks, billboard outlying hair  (our normal price in old-school marketplaces 50$ only for the boy scan)

-3x Professional Blender scenes -ideal for studying hyper-realism Blender set-ups - these 3 scene presets with HDRI lighting are usable to create any sort of an exterior environment - "Rocky Pond", "Cave in the Mountains" and "In the Sky"

-10x Blender Scenes with HDRI Sky already set-up (with rotation control)

-Over 14 GB of high-end professional data

Create stunning worlds the easy way right now!


We only used Ultimate Treapl® Rocks 3d-assets and VFX for every single presentation image and video you are seeing!

Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 1 month ago
Blender Version 3.6
Render Engine Used cycles
Misc Data uvs-unwrapped, rigged, animated, low-high-resolution, normal-mapped, textured
License Royalty Free
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