Ultimate Terrain Shader 2

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The Ultimate Terrain Shader 2 comes with 16 pre-configured realistic terrains, with 10 variations of the shader (10 materials). Now there are 25 landscapes after the update. You can add your own textures and terrains too. The shader also comes with procedural snow!

v1.0.7b (January 2021)

Added 9 landscapes, having a total of 25 available presets. A new full category has been created: Island. Most new landscapes have water, powered by the Ultimate Water Shader. The new landscapes include a river scenery, 3 islands and some other water-focuses landscapes. New landscapes:

v1.0.6 Initial release (October 2020)

16 Landscapes.

I. General info:

1.) Includes 2 blend files. One of them has 16+1 terrains and 10 materials and the other blend file contains a "Pure" version of the UTS, with no textures added so you can add your own PBR textures. Naturally, the shader can be added to any model so if you generate or sculpt your own terrains you will be able to add any UTS material to them with the textures of your choice.

2.) UTS Supports up to 3 PBR textures/terrain and 2 height maps that are used for real displacement  (only in Cycles since Eeevee doesn't support real object displacement, only "fake" displacement).

First set of textures: surface color 1. 

2nd set of textures: surface color 2.

3rd set of textures: cliff texture.

Surface displacement

Cliff displacement

3.) No repeating patterns: You can use 2 surface texture sets and mix them with a procedural mask. It's possible to use the same textures and mix them procedurally with UTS. Changing the mapping node values, for example size and texture rotation for the 2nd texture set instance will create non-repeating patterns from the same texture (slight repetitiveness would be only visible if you look at the whole terrain from the top, which is an extreme and unlikely use case scenario).

4.) Full control over the shader: You have a lot of controls to set up the terrain the way you would like it. You can control the ratio of the cliff and surface (or turn off cliff completely), change the strength of the displacement individually for the surface and the cliff too. And a lot more! Scroll down for mini tutorial.

5.) Includes all future updates (planned expansion of terrain and material presets).

6.) The shader has procedural non-repeating masks and a snow generator that can add either a realistic snowcap on top of your textures (or the presets) or cover the whole terrain with snow. The snow is completely procedural and a default part of UTS.

7.) Limitations: 

a. Eevee doesn't support real displacements yet so that function won't work in Eevee. Otherwise it fakes the displacement quite well, and all the masks and textures are usable.

b. If you add the UTS to a new scene, for the displacement to work you must enable "Experimental" mode in Blender and add a subsurface modifier, and use adaptive subdivision. For these settings check the default files or use them as a base of your future scenes.

c. If you don't understand how the controls work, check out the quick tutorial down here, the FAQ or message me.

UTS mini tutorial:

UTS and the image textures:

If you don't understand how the controls work, check out the quick tutorial down here, the FAQ or message me. In fact check the FAQ anyway.

See how the materials change the base object:

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