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  • Tim
    about 1 year ago

    For Blender 3+ please use "ViewLayer" instead of "View Layer" in __init__.py (sna.setup_scene_cycles)

  • Eric Leo
    over 1 year ago

    A good addon - however I am having a problem with meshes not visible in renders. I have spent all day trying to fix the problem but alas the only solution was to go back to yesterdays auto save and use a HDR. I use Blender professionally and lost time on a deadline is a problem. Anyway, I am sure the addon will improve - wish I had more time to tinker with it and help.

  • eec
    over 2 years ago

    只是乌云半月还有黄昏看起来太亮了,早上的没有问题,也有可能是我不会调的关系(改一:“Translucency flip”可以把云调暗,在编辑器的“世界属性”上面搜索“Translucency flip”就找到了)
    这个东西用了马上加一个104.7M的内存,比HDRI还要大的。32.5M(2k HDRI),还是1M(256p)
    太阳和月亮的光可以打散掉(柔光,软影),也可以变成尖尖(硬光,硬影),不过默认不可以太多。所以自己打.05在“Sun shadow sharpness”就可以了,.05是最尖了,不过会变暗的,这是“目前”HDRI做不到的,而且也不会做到。
    如果你要5秒钟建一个云(按“Add sky”在视口(3D视图)的右边的栏(按n开)),然后要另外个一秒把他变成银河,就按“Space mode preset”。

    This plug-in is really good, the build quality is very good
    The speed is as slow as HDRI, or as fast
    And then also very suitable for more than 16G+ memory CPU rendering, because it does not slow down a lot like the volume (the kind of graphics card can only appreciate his appearance when rendering) but still can not avoid slower than solid-color sky
    The color of the midnight is also very beautiful, especially when adding the Milky Way
    The clouds are also very much like the outside of the photo deception (with comparison side be side using eyes can hardly see the difference)
    It's just that the dark clouds and the midnight and the dusk look too bright, there is no problem in the morning, or maybe I don't know how to adjust (edit 1: "Translucency flip" can darken the clouds, search for "Translucency flip" in the editor "World Properties" above and you will find it)
    The only regret to be fulfilled, the sun and the moon can not be massive, if can be infinitely large would be very good
    Price, not expensive as other, 109 dollar
    This thing is used immediately plus a 104.7M memory, than HDRI is also larger. 32.5M (2k HDRI), or 1M (256p)
    The moon will darken when it is behind the clouds, the sun will also, and the sun will turn yellow when it is going to "down the mountain" and "up the mountain", more advanced than the self-created (edit 1: you can also adjust the color of the sunrise and sunset)
    The stars are really beautiful, although it seems to be as lot of points only
    The light of the sun and moon can be scattered (soft light, soft shadow), can also be pointed (hard light, hard shadow), but the default can not type too much. So type .05 in the "Sun shadow sharpness" on your own, .05 is the sharpest, but it will become dark, which is "currently" HDRI can not do, and will not do.
    If you want to build a cloud in 5 seconds (press "Add sky" in the right column of the viewport (3D view) (press n to open)), and then want another second to turn him into the Milky Way, press "Space mode preset".
    The saturation of the sky can be adjusted, very realistic
    If you seriously use it as a cloud, it is not so easy run into the limitation (at least for me)
    Non-essential volume sky requirements, as fast as HDRI, he is your cup of tea
    Please do not read my (someone) one-sided words and believe, try it yourself, this is actually good (feel free to disagree)
    I wrote these words a few hours, but also test a few hours, and almost finished trying it's function

    • Cg Crafted

      over 2 years ago

      Thank you for the detailed, 5 star review!

      If you prefer darker clouds, use the "Brightness / Gamma" sliders under "Clouds settings menu" or you can use custom color overrides (make sure to turn custom color ON with the slider).

      If you have any questions regarding this or anything else, feel free to send a private message on Blendermarket.

  • Ian
    almost 3 years ago

    It can produce some very good results but it's difficult to understand. The time and day settings don't make any sense, i would like to be able to set time of day using standard 24 hour clock.Also settings for time of year and latitude. Render results are good so pleased with that aspect.

    • Cg Crafted

      almost 3 years ago

      Glad to see you are happy with the render results and thank you for your feedback. However I'm not sure what you mean by the time settings not making any sense. You can set the time by sliding the "total min" slider which shows the time in minutes (cumulative) while the display under it shows the time in days, hours, minutes in standard 24 hour form like a clock - and as far as I know this is the only sky addon at this moment providing display of time like this. Cloud animation speed is separated from this for greater control. So you need to set cloud speed with keyframes manually in the shader UI, but I'm working on making this possible without keyframes to simplify it.

  • Fauzan
    almost 3 years ago

    as a man who have a pure sky and ultimate sky, this addon great for u who works on cycles workflow (and u dont really focus it on ur render, just a background). very versatile, and good performance! (because it works on cycles)

    looking forward for the updates, hope the dev would add some more features like flares and so on. 5 stars from me!

    • Cg Crafted

      almost 3 years ago

      Thank you, I'm happy to see my addon is helpful in your workflow.
      And there will be definitely a lot of updates with more features to come!

  • Wally
    almost 3 years ago

    Best sky addon out there, do all the job for me. really happy with my purchase. and the support is very friendly and helpful.

    • Cg Crafted

      almost 3 years ago

      Thank you for the kind words and 5 star review, I'm very happy you enjoy using the addon and found the support helpful.

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